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Aroma Electronics is a platform that aims to make our lives Smarter. Aroma Electronics connects customers to their wide range of AI-enabled home appliances to make everyday life that much easier. At Aroma Electronics, customers can browse through a variety of good-quality home appliances that bring the future right to our doorsteps.

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Aroma Electronics is one of Malaysia’s few Home Appliance wholesalers that specialise in AI enabled Smart appliances such as smart refrigerators, air purifiers and fridges. Our focus is to fulfil the needs of a growing customer base that is shifting towards smart automation.

Aroma Electronics Introduction


What We Do

The Challenge

Aroma Electronics is distinguished by three characteristics :

Aroma Electronics Problem


Our Solution


The current markets are currently flooded with home appliances. From conventional brick and mortar shops, to online platforms - customers are taking a chance every time an order is placed, without knowing the quality of the product purchased until it reaches their hands.

This, coupled with selective warranties and the short lifespan of most products produced today has turned shopping for home and electrical appliances into a game of roulette.

Aroma Electronics intends to eliminate this lack of surety by providing our customers only the best in the markets, and guaranteeing a one-to-one extended warranty on the products purchased through us. We intend to be the leading home appliance wholesaler in the Smart appliance market.


What the Market Currently Offers: 

Aroma Electronic Market Offer


How Aroma Electronics is Changing the Home Appliance Market

Aroma Electronics Changing Home

Why Are We Different

Aroma Electronic Why Are We Different
  1. Growth Potential: The sale of home appliances continues to grow despite a contracting sales market. The increased need to stay indoors has led to consumers looking at products which would improve their quality of life at home.

  2. Comprehensive Product Offering: Wholesalers who deal with a wide range of products are not able to provide the breadth of Smart appliances we offer.

  3. Integration of Smart Technology: Aroma Electronics will exclusively focus on providing appliances with Smart Technology to our customers, carving out a niche for ourselves within the home appliance market.

  4. Quality Assurance: We ensure that the brands we partner with and products we offer are top-of-the range, trusted products.

Our Revenue Model

  1. Mid Range Product

With the average purchase of 640 units per month, we are expecting a yearly revenue of RM589,680.

  1. High Range Product

With the average purchase of 370 units per month, we are expecting a yearly revenue of RM701,520.

  1. Commercial Grade Product

With the average purchase of 290 units per month, we are expecting a yearly revenue of RM1,593,840.


At the beginning of Year 3, we will be implementing a customised project where clients are able to engage our service to design a whole smart house system.

Our Market Opportunity

‘Simplify My Life’ has become a saying that’s become more important due to the pandemic. 

  • 51% of consumers globally agree with the statement ‘I am looking for ways to simplify my life’, with multifunctional and Smart appliances growing in popularity to fill this demand 

  • Despite the pandemic, the Small Domestic Appliance (SDA) market has grown by 8.6%

  • The sale of Smart Medium Domestic Appliances (MDAs) such as air conditioners and air purification units go hand-in-hand with simplification and are experiencing strong sales growth 

  • Developed Asian countries saw a strong uptake of MDA products at a 2.7% uptick

  • During the global lockdowns, e-Commerce shares witnessed a steady increase for both SDA and MDAs. The share of online sales for MDAs was at 29% and SDAs recorded 45%, an increase of nearly 10 percentage points for both sectors as compared to 2019

Aroma Electronics will be focusing on the high-income groups , consisting of over 1.48 million households in Malaysia and middle income groups, making up 2.91 million households in Malaysia.


Our Strategy

Aroma Electronics will leverage on our  Online to Offline (O2O) marketing channels:

  • TV Shopping 

  • E-Commerce platforms 

The avenues will be our inroads to reach our customer base of mainly  high income to middle income earners.

Aroma Electronic Strategy

Our Achievements

Forging the Way to Being The Go-To Smart Appliance Wholesaler

  • Aroma Electronics has secured long-term partnerships with well established brands such as LG, Samsung, Electrolux, Thermador, Viking and Bosch for its products.

  • 250 Satisfied Clients

  • 15 Local Brand Partners Secured

Indicative Usage of Funds

Aroma Electronics Funds Use


The Team

AE Daniel Chia

Daniel Chia


Aroma Electronics Chai Chen

Chai Chen Yang

National Sales Manager

Aroma Electronics Fakhri Bin Kamaludin

Fakhri Bin Kamaludin

Operation Manager

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