Grow Your Business in the 21st Century-style

Have an idea worth selling? Or is it time to grow your business to the next level? Leveraging on the power of the crowd brings a huge advantage for businesses to thrive and the opportunity to make it big, regardless of the business size. 

Are you ready?
Get Funded, Pronto

A speedier way of fundraising compared to the conventional method that may take 6 to 9 months or more.

Speed Date with Investors

Reach out to as many people at once. Select and partner with investors who will not only fund but also your grow your business together with you.

Stay Ahead of the Game

Have privileged access to our up-to-date resources to continuously improve and drive your company beyond boundaries.

Work with and for the Crowd

Team up with investors that could be brand ambassadors and take advantage on the power of the social media to build a crowd of followers for your company.

Pick on Market's Curiosity

Validate your daring, original and bold business proposition with our dynamic pool of investors.

Check & Control

Manage your important documents, investors, reporting and marketing tools all in one place. Easy and without hassle. It’s like having a virtual office.

Getting funds has never been this simple

Equity crowdfunding is a straight-forward and tit for tat exchange between entrepreneurs and investors. Get funding for your business and in return, issue shares to investors. 


Ready? Get Set, Pitch! Describe your business and value proposition

Fetch Funds

Once listed, leverage the features on our platform to boost traction & market validation

Make It Happen 

Reach your funding target and set the wheels in motion. Choose from investors that share the same passion

Warm-up with our step by step guide to pitch

Go through a simple process of getting your business listed. Present your business proposal and ideas to a range of potential investors and get market validation through social media, all on our digital platform. 


Sign Up & Break the Ice

Become a member and have direct access to start the pitch process! First, you'll need to register and tell us about your business. Don’t worry if you're a start up.

Kick-Start Your Pitch

It's all about crafting and demonstrating your business Unique Selling Point (USP). Having a clear and sexy proposition is what counts in a good pitch. Answer key points that would attract people to invest in your idea and ultimately, support your business.

Get Listed & Loaded

Now it's time to raise funds! You have 90 days to complete your funding target. Leverage on our portal to market and promote your deal to draw in investors.

Hit the Finish Line!

Upon reaching your target, get through the paperwork, drawdown your funds and get busy!

Show & Tell

Your investors would want to know your business progress. Keep them abreast with your achievements and what's happening with the business.