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GPMB Global is a company that manages the warehousing and logistics of retail products to the wholesales and retail outlets of Mai Borong. Mai Borong is a distributor and retailer of Halal products in the food and beverage industry in Malaysia.

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Darul Ehsan City Farm Sdn Bhd

Darul Ehsan City Farm is an aquaculture company focusing on producing high quality Tilapias with a shorter harvest cycle. Its aquaponic ponds are located in Slim River, Perak equipped with high-tech pond management systems.

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Musang Valley Agro Sdn Bhd

Musang Valley Agro is a modern Malaysian agricultural company with over 20 years of experience in the agro- business and plantation industry. They aim to create a holistic agro-ecosystem specialising in exporting and trading durian trees

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Ramadan Kareem Special Project 2022

In the spirit of Ramadan, Ata Plus is supporting the Youth Empowerment Foundation Malaysia’s Ramadan Kareem Special Project 2022.

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FAR Capital Sdn Bhd

Leaders in the property development industry that simplify the property ownership process by lowering the risk for purchasers. With over RM1Billion properties booked online in 2020, Far Capital is an issuer that promises exponential growth.

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With the success of SAGTec’s fully funded ECF campaign on AtaPlus, Co-Founder Kevin has launched his latest brainchild, GrillBox by SAGfood which aims to dominate the F&B industry with an affordable, convenient, and wholesome kiosk-styled business.

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RentWorks Strategy Sdn Bhd

Property consultants, RentWorks provide solutions that optimize an investor's property performance. Also a turn-key renovation solution that allows investors to start generating rental returns as efficiently as possible.

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Simson Wellness Sdn. Bhd.

Simson Wellness is setting a clear vision to be the leading Malaysian Optical Distribution Digital Platform Worldwide. As an innovative platform, they aim to bring manufacturers as well as distributors closer to the end market and retailers. 

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2K Express Sdn Bhd

2K Express is a fully integrated platform that connects businesses and customers to the delivery industry in Malaysia, with speed, reasonable pricing and customer satisfaction at its essence.

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Thunderbolt Motorsports Sdn Bhd

Thunderbolt Motorsport is here to help their customers instil trust in their vehicle. We provide automobile maintenance to the next level with our range of accessories and services from luxury to economical car. 

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MAEKO Home Composting

MAEKO is a leading food waste management solutions company. It’s mission is to make food waste composting a sustainable solution towards achieving zero food waste and environmental sustainability.

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uLearnMONEY is the most comprehensive and credible online financial education platform in Malaysia that will guide and teach you to gain personal financial success. Together, let’s elevate our financial literacy with uLearnMONEY!

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Upcoming Deals


Are you a business that often fails to attract new customers unto your website or apps? or unable to retain the stickiness to ensure ongoing support from your clients and customer? well look no further because Rewardinme is here to solve your problem!


HEALTHSCAPE brings together two of the most experienced healthcare organisations in Malaysia – MAHSA Health & ACG Healthcare – on mission to make healthcare affordable and accessible with its OneCare Plan - “Seringgit. Sehari. Seorang”.

The Fortune Cookie

Come back stage, and be part of a glamorous Hollywood feature film being filmed in Malaysia and Singapore, featuring a well known international A list cast, many with large dedicated fan bases from both film and music. And we may even have a part for you!

Risk Disclaimer

Investing in equity crowdfunding involves certain risks that include uncertainty of returns, lack of liquidity, dilution, material events and lack of control. Investments should be done as part of a diversified portfolio. ATA PLUS offers investment opportunities to investors who understands these risks in making their own investment decisions.


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