CASA BAYU IDAMAN SDN. BHD. (CBISB) is a property development company based in Johor Bahru, Malaysia, strived and committed to provide high quality and innovative properties at great value to our beloved customers.

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CASA BAYU IDAMAN SDN. BHD. is a property developer based in Johor Bahru, Malaysia.

We are committed to sell real estate and properties at an affordable and reasonable price within the stipulated completion date, barring any unforeseen circumstances. We deliver value to our customers by building a home that they can believe in and provide them with a harmonious community for their living. 

Our current portfolio is primarily focused on landed residential properties, including the development of town houses and double-storey terrace houses. In the future, we are also looking forward to taking on any property development deal that comes our way with planned high-rise residential projects and commercial property projects are already in our pipelines.

What We Do

The Challenge

Purchasing a “Dream Home” is one of those life accomplishments that tops nearly everyone’s bucket list. It is a long and rewarding journey that often involves a lot of sacrifices and hard work. For most people, a house is one of the largest purchases they will ever make in their life. As such, this purchase decision will usually receive careful and deliberate consideration.

A decent house should possess specific characteristics that could meet some of the highly demanding needs and requirements of the home buyers: 

  • Most people who buy new houses want the house to be low maintenance. 

  • They want to live in a place that comes with a “neighborhood feel”.

  • They want a home with a convenient location.

  • They want a home that has a good and beautiful design surrounded with a good view.

  • They want a home with sufficient bedrooms and plenty of spaces for their family and their stuff.

  • They want a home with a garage, car park or, at least, enough room for their car.

All in all, a strongly desire home should be a place where the home buyer and their family can live comfortably, have fun, and enjoy life. Apart from that, another most important aspect is that the home buyers can buy affordable real estate while meeting some of their most demanding requirements.

Our Solution

We are strived to build high-quality properties with elegant design and well-crafted surrounding environment at a good location with our innovative master planning and concept.

With that said, the St. Marco Park development project is launched. It shall be developed over 6 years in 5 phases with planned components, including lifestyle recreation parks, double-storey terrace houses, and townhouses. Its strategic location, excellent connectivity and lush surroundings have all the makings of a resort paradise. 

Alongside with the development of St. Marco Park Project, we also plan to launch the other two projects currently in our pipelines— the Hotel Selesa Pasir Gudang project and the Tampoi high rise mixed development project. All of these projects are expected to be completed by the year 2025.


phase 1
Phase 2-5


Illustrations: St Marco Park, Kulai


Why Are We Different

Casa Bayu Idaman has management team members who are considered experts in their own chosen areas of specialization; therefore, they can lead the company to grow and cope with the competition. Our managing director has robust experience in the real estate industry. He is bringing the experience to help build Casa Bayu Idaman to become a top brand as far as property development business is concerned. 

Throughout these years, we have been able to build our brand and reputation in the area and gains more confidence from the potential customers. 

We have continuously placed great emphasis on developing and selling high-quality properties with elegant designs at good locations to bring more convenience and value to our customers. On top of that, we are offering these desirable properties to our customers at a highly competitive compared to the other neighbourhood development. We are in business to make profits while we are in business to give our customers the opportunities to own their desire properties at an affordable price.


Our Revenue Model

Revenue will be generated through the sales of properties and real estate from the projects that are currently in our development pipelines:

  • St. Marco Park project

  • Hotel Selesa Pasir Gudang project 

  • Tampoi high rise mixed development project

Our Market Opportunity


According to Malaysia Southern Region Property Market Report, the property market for all states in the Southern region showed an upward trend despite facing slow market conditions. In the first half of year 2021, the overall Southern Region property market had completed 30,517 transactions worth RM13.08 billion, increasing by 14.7% and 28.3% in volume and value respectively as compared to H1 2020.

The improvement in sales performance probably attributed to the low interest rate environments and the various measures by the government such as incentives of the Home Ownership Campaign.

According to Property Guru Malaysia Property Market Outlook 2021, the preference of Malaysians in purchasing property had been significantly increased from 37% in 2020 to 57% in 2021. 

However, since the pandemic of Covid-19, many people are now worried about the risks associated with living in high-rise residential properties. In fact, many experts are now suggesting that people who live in high-rise buildings are at a much higher risk of exposure to the infection of the virus compared to people who live in other types of structures.

Indeed, the Malaysia Southern Region Property Market Report shows that the large numbers of overhang properties are mainly confined to the condominium/apartment units. Property Guru Malaysia Property Market Outlook 2021 also shows that the number of Malaysians who prefer to live in terraces are growing and continue to outpace the number of Malaysians who prefer to live in condos.

Hence, we are of the opinion that the landed property market in Johor should have a better outlook and our development projects in this area are still considered viable.

In addition, with the full implementation of the vaccination programme, we expect that the COVID-19 pandemic is going to be under control by the end of 2021, with a robust economic recovery beginning in 2022. Hence, we are highly optimistic on the industry's future prospect and predict that along with the recovery of general economy, Malaysia property market will also follow and enter into a strong growth phase from year 2022 onward.

Casa Bayu - Market Opportunity

Source: PropertyGuru

Our Strategy

As a goal to become one of the leading property development companies in Johor and in every other city where we operate, we have mapped out strategies that will help us take advantage of the available market. The marketing and sales strategies to be adopted are as follows:

1.  Continue to engage with highly experienced business partners and properties agencies who have effectively worked with us for long.

2.  List and advertise our business on real estate/properties websites.

3.  Attend expos, seminars, and business fairs et al.

4.  Leverage the internet to promote our business.

5.  Introduce our business by sending introductory letters alongside our brochures to potential customers.


All our marketing and publicity materials are done by some of the best hands in the industry. Below are the channels that we intend to leverage to promote and advertise our property development business:

1.  Place advertisements on both print and electronic media platforms (especially those media and platforms that are related to the real estate industry).

2.  Maximize company’s website to promote our business.

3.  Leverage the internet and social media platforms.

4.  Install our Billboards on strategic locations.

5.  Distribute fliers and handbills in targeted areas from time to time.

Our Achievements

In 2020, our St. Marco Park Phase 1 project successfully won the Asia property awards and was awarded as the “Best Landed Development” in southern Malaysia by PropertyGuru Asia Property. This project also obtained its Certificate of Completion & Compliance in December 2020.



In addition, our company has also won the iProperty Development Excellence Awards (iDEA), a recognition of par excellence in the field of property development selected by an independent panel of esteemed property industry experts. Our development project wins this award in 2021 as the best landed development of the year in the Malaysian Property development market.



Despite soft market conditions, our company has achieved excellent sales records from St. Marco Park Project, 100% fully sold in Phase 1 and 95% sold in Phase 2. On 9th and 10th October 2021, we have soft-launched Phase 5 of the project and obtained encouraging lock-in results of 80% sold.

Indicative Usage of Funds

Fund Utilization



According to our fund utilization plan, 40% of the funds will be used for construction costs, 30% of the funds will be utilized on material purchase, 15% on sales and marketing, 10% on equipment and 5% on other miscellaneous and administrative costs.

The Team

Dato’ Jeft Tng Chia Siong

Dato’ Jeft Tng Chia Siong I Managing Director

Dato’ Jeft Tng Chia Siong, age 42, our managing director who is also a major shareholder of CBISB with a 70% shareholding, was born in the year 1980. Dato’ Jeft Tng has been primarily active in the areas of marketing, business development, and project & property management. He has over 14 years of working experience in the real estate development industry, with over 10 years in a leadership role.


  • 2017 - Present
    Managing Director of Casa Bayu Idaman Sdn Bhd
    - Oversees the St. Marco Park project, a residential development in Kulai, Johor Bahru.
    - Lead the strategic direction of the company and ensuring sustainable and long term growth of the company including embarkment of new projects and/or joint ventures.
  • 2014 - 2017
    Executive Officer of Capital City Property Sdn. Bhd
    - Responsible for sales and marketing, property design and project management.
    - Oversees the development and execution of sales and marketing strategies of Capital City Group.
  • 2004 - 2014
    Sales & Marketing Manager of KIP Development Sdn. Bhd.
    - Expert in retail, branding, marketing and property management.


  • University of Tasmania
    Bachelor of Commerce

Tng Chia Wee

Tng Chia Wee I Executive Director

Mr. Tng Chia Wee, age 40, who is a shareholder and director of Casa Bayu Idaman Sdn Bhd “CBISB” with a 30% shareholding, was born in the year 1982. Mr. Tng has been primarily active in the related areas of industrial and construction products and project management. He has over 7 years of working experience in Singapore in the design and building of robotics, automation systems and high-tech machinery.


  • 2018 - Present
    Executive Director of Casa Bayu Idaman Sdn. Bhd.
    - Oversees the development and construction of St. Marco Park in Kulai, Johor Bahru.
  • 2009 - 2018
    Director of Kinsmen Precision Engineering.
    - Started his own business in 2009.
    - Has impressive client such as Redwood Furniture Sdn Bhd, A-Tech Worldwide, Ultrajet Engineering Sdn Bhd, UPE Alliance Group, K-Tech Solutions (M) Sdn Bhd, etc.


  • Institut Teknologi Jaya
    Diploma in Mechanical Engineering

Molly Ching

Molly Ching I Chief Operating Officer

Molly Ching, age 59, has 25 years of working experience in property development industry. Highly experiences in the property development and construction sectors and responsible for the company Human Resources and Admin Operation.


  • 2018 - Present
    Chief Operating Officer of Casa Bayu Idaman Sdn Bhd
    - Oversees the administration and day-to-day operations of the company including Sales Admin, HR, Purchasing and Contract Departments.
  • 1995 - 2018
    General Manager of KIP Development Sdn Bhd
    - In charge of many operational aspect of business such as property sales and administration, property management, shopping mall operation and administration, human resource administration.
    - To develop strategic that improve productivity, promote innovation and help the company grow, as well as to handle other miscellaneous administrative duties.
    - Leverage leadership and maintain full oversight of multiple company venues in difference state and area.
  • 1984 - 1994
    Worked with three different property development firms, Multicon Sdn Bhd, Yondazgreen Development Sdn Bhd and Chemstab development Sdn Bhd.


  • Apex Management Institute
    Diploma in Business Administration

Lim Liang Shin

Lim Liang Shin I Chief Financial Officer

Lim Liang Shin, age 38, has 7+ years of working experiences accumulated in KPMG Singapore and property development industry. Graduated from Curtin University of Technology (Accounting & Finance). Member of CPA Australia since 2011. He will oversee the company accounting department and auditing related affairs.


  • 2018 – Present
    Chief Finance Officer (CFO) of Casa Bayu Idaman Sdn Bhd
    - Lead, oversee and manage the Finance department of of the company and related companies.
    - Ensuring all audit, accounting, tax and corporate matters are running smoothly and in compliance with regulatory framework.
    - In charge of liaison and coordination with bankers and financial institutions for sources of funding for current and new projects.
    - In charge of financial planning and feasibility study of new projects and/or joint ventures.
  • 2017 -  2018
    Accounting Manager of Zhuoyuan Iskandar Sdn Bhd
    - Lead, oversee and manage the Finance department.
    - Resolve daily operational issues arising from various departments and to improve/systemise workflows and processes.
    - Lead, oversee and manage the Finance department.
    - Ensuring all audit, accounting, tax and corporate matters are running smoothly and in compliance with regulatory framework.
    - In charge of liaison and coordination with bankers and financial institutions for sources of funding for current and new projects.
    - In charge of financial planning and feasibility study of new projects and/or joint ventures.
  • 2015 - 2017
    Financial controller of Capital City Property Sdn Bhd
    - Lead, oversee and manage the Finance department of Capital City Group.
    - Ensuring all audit, accounting, tax and corporate matters are running smoothly and in compliance with regulatory framework.
    -  In charge of liaison and coordination with bankers and financial institutions for sources of funding for current and new projects.
    - In charge of financial planning and feasibility study of new projects and/or joint ventures.
    - Involved in supporting the successful listing exercise (RTO) of Capital World Ltd, listed on the Singapore Exchange (SGX) on 4th May 2017 including preparation of consolidated financial statements and quarterly results announcement.


  • Curtin University of Technology
    Bachelor of Commerce in Accounting & Finance (Double Major)

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