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Crigen Accor Life Science

Crigen Accor Life Science is a Malaysian-based private label health and beauty one stop manufacturer. Its mission is to change the world 1 product at a time by delivering high quality, eco-friendly, safe, and affordable health and beauty private label products to its partners and customers.

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Our mission in Crigen Accor Life Science is to change the world 1 product at a time by delivering high quality, eco-friendly, safe and affordable health and beauty private label products to our partners and customers. We are a Malaysian-based private label health and beauty products manufacturer and also an original equipment and contract manufacturing company. 

We believe that by unlocking the power of nature through scientific precision and innovation, we are able to design highly responsible, economical and consumer-friendly products that are highly effective for our customers.

What We Do

The Challenge


Reliability Issues

  • Current products in the market do not always deliver on the desired effect

  • Lack of first-hand knowledge based on consumer feedback

  • There is lack of innovation in the research & development phase and information is simply recycled. 


High MOQ, Production Cost & Initial Startup Cost

  • Large volumes are usually required to start production

  • Only big brands with a large budget are usually served

  • Products are not tested for market fit before launch

  • High risk when launching new products due to high capital investment


Lack of Support in Product Sales & Marketing

  • Traditional manufacturers only provide manufacturing services

  • Outdated designs and marketing approach

Our Solution

Crigen Accor has already formulated and designed 5 products to start with and we are now ready to move into manufacturing and production. We are looking to set up a manufacturing plant in Semenyih, Selangor. We have also gained major traction by securing an exclusive contract from Crigen Resources Sdn Bhd worth approximately RM 1.5 million. With this round of funding, our objective is to ramp up our manufacturing plant and expand our sales and marketing efforts. 


Geo Gun

Geo Gun with Serum

Oat milk Protein

Oat milk Protein

Hydration mas

Hydration mask

Hypochlorous Acid

Hypochlorous Acid

Hand Sanitizer

Hand Sanitizer



  • There are ongoing applications for GMP Certification for our factories.

  • We are careful when selecting the ingredients used to develop our products. With our experience in operating various beauty and wellness centers, we have first-hand knowledge on the characteristics for beauty products and market insight.

  • We partner and work with renowned chemists and scientists locally and globally.  


  • We work with small businesses and incubate them into larger brands

  • We are able to provide reliable, high-quality products within short time frames. Through our manufacturing techniques, the product prototype and sample is able to be assessed by our customers alongside our development team. 

  • Testing is carried out as often as necessary until the customer's needs are met in order to ensure product reliability and cost savings for our customers.

  • Our curative designs and formulations cater specifically to beauty salons, and boutique spas. 


  • We provide consultation on product launching with our first-hand experience and market insight in the health and beauty industry

  • We help our customers design and propose packaging which is suitable to the target market.

Why Are We Different

  1. Our customers are able to conduct tests to determine market suitability of the product before placing large orders

  2. We have over 17 years of first-hand experience in the health and beauty market

  3. We are a one-stop solution from R&D, product development, manufacturing, design and marketing

  4. Boutique Spas, pharmacies and beauty salons can build their own brands with low startup costs and MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity)

Our Revenue Model

  1. Product Design and formulation> 

  2. Ingredient Sourcing > 

  3. Manufacturing of product > 35% Profit Margin

  4. Packaging> 

  5. Customer

Our Market Opportunity

  • The market value of the Asia Pacific has increased to more than US$70 billion

  • The Malaysian local cosmetics and toiletries market is valued at about MYR 3 billion, with an annual growth rate of 13%

  • The size of the Malaysian health supplement manufacturing industry is estimated to be MYR 914.59 million in 2018

Our Strategy



Indicative Usage of Funds

Use of Funds


  1. Production and manufacturing Facilities
    Expanding the manufacturing facilities and buying new machinery

  2. Inventory and Logistic
    Stocking of raw ingredient purchase and product packaging

  3. Research and Development
    New Formulation testing and innovation in new product

  4. Sales and Marketing
    Engage B2B marketing across all channel to reach our target market

The Team

Dennis Tan

Dennis Tan

Managing Director

Cynthia Tong

Cynthia Tong

Managing Director

Alan Ou

Alan Ou

Management Executive

Term Sheet

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