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Darul Ehsan City Farm Sdn Bhd (DECF) is the next leading name in aquaculture automation and IoT. They commit to leading the charge in creating the ultimate aquaculture pond for farmers all around the world. DECF revolutionary smart ponds enable farmers to turn any traditional aquaculture pond into a new generation of modern aquaculture farms. Compatible with all existing ponds whether mud ponds or concrete ponds. 

DECF focuses on producing high-quality Tilapias known as Muallim Talapia with a shorter harvest cycle. Its aquaponic ponds are located in Slim River, Perak equipped with high-tech pond management systems.


Pre-Live Campaign
Min Target RM 1,000,000
Max TargetRM 4,000,000
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Darul Ehsan City Farm Sdn Bhd is a Shah Alam-based aquaculture technology company that specializes in aquaponics. We design, build and operate a new generation of modern aquaculture farms to maximize yield and profit without sacrificing quality.

Our system enabled us to interconnect and remotely monitor all of our Tilapia fish ponds through a single user-friendly platform. We are dedicated to producing high-quality products that are fresh and healthy, and utilizing high-tech management systems.

What We Do

The Challenge

In running an aquaculture farm, the two (2) most prominent problems faced by us are inconsistent Quality & Quantity, as well as absent of Tracking & Tracing. These problems affect not only us as the farmers, but also the whole supply chain. 




Our Solution

Why Are We Different

The Solution

Our farm operates using Commercial Aquaponic System (CAS) – our system is designed specifically to help us tackle problems related to aquaculture farming, especially on quality and quantity, as well as tracking and tracing.

With this system, we are able to monitor our fish growth, maintaining quality and quantity while maximizing revenue. With proper tracking and tracing, we are able to better manage costs and ultimately increase our profit margin.




Our Revenue Model

The revenue model is based on fish farming and selling freshwater fish which is Tilapia.




Our Market Opportunity

 Our existing and potential customers are as follows.




Below are our traction and recognition to date.



Our Strategy

Our growth strategy is as follows.



Our Achievements



Indicative Usage of Funds



Target to achieve profitability by 2024.


The Team

Dato’ Nik Mod Amin Nik Abd Majid I Director / Chairman

Dato’ Nik Mod Amin Nik Abd Majid I Chairman & Director

Dato’ Nik Mod Amin Nik Abd Majid, age 69, is the founder of Darul Ehsan City Farm Sdn Bhd. He is currently serving as the Chairman of the company. He was previously the CEO/Executive Director of Bank Simpanan Nasional. During his tenure with Bank Simpanan Nasional, he re-engineered the bank’s business direction towards assisting Small Medium Industries. Prior to that, he was also the General Manager of Perbadanan Usahawan Nasional Berhad (“PUNB”), setting up the funds’ investment division. He also held key senior positions in Maybank Berhad and Affin Bank Berhad executing risk management, strategic planning, credit management, international banking roles in the respective banks. Since his retirement, he has not been sitting around but have been actively engaging in business. One of his ventures is acquiring an old abandoned aquaculture farm in 2019. He invested his time, effort, and money in the farm which has now become the center of excellence for Aquaponic in Malaysia.


  • January 2010 - Present
    Chairman of FCA Capital Sdn. Bhd.
    - We Help Clients Develop Innovative Corporate & Project Finance Solutions
    As an international corporate finance advisory firm, our services and solutions
    are tailored to the clients’ domestic, international and cross-border needs.
    We focused on delivering value to our clients through our global transaction
    experience, extensive market knowledge and broad partnership network,
    innovative corporate advisory solutions, project finance capabilities and access
    to various capital markets.
  • September 2009 - Present
    Independent Non-Executive Chairman of AWC Berhad
  • January 2007 - Present
    Managing Director of Metro Money Exchange
  • October 2004 - Present
    Chairman of Capital Investment Bank (L) Limited
  • March 2003 - Present
    Director of CCR Networks Sdn Bhd
  • January 2001 - Present
    Founder of FASK Capital Sdn Bhd
  • 1999 - 2014
    Board Member of Universiti Utara Malaysia
  • August 1994 - December 2000
    Chief Executive Officer of BSN Commercial (M) Berhad


  • Universiti Malaya (1976)
    Bachelor's degree in Economics.

Irwan Shahrinaz Mohd Nahar I Director & CEO

Irwan Shahrinaz Mohd Nahar I CEO & Director

Irwan Shahrinaz Mohd Nahar, age 30, is an aspiring young CEO of Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM) graduate with over 5 years of executive leadership experience in business management. He possesses great leadership, analytical skill and armed with a powerful intellect and strategic thinking, he can overcome and outmaneuver obstacles that seem unbeatable to most.


  • Jan 2022 - Present
    CEO/ Director of Darul Ehsan City Farm Sdn Bhd
    - Responsible for providing strategic, financial and operational leadership for the
    company and will closely coordinate and work with the Board of Directors and
    senior leadership team. Mange to double audited revenue of RM50,000 in 2020
    to RM 131,000 in 2021. Manage to secure RM3.1 million term loan from Agrobank
    Bhd to carry out farm expansion plan. Manage to secure RM1 million grant from
    North Corridor Economic Region (NCER) to fund farm operation activities.
    Currently in the midst of launching Crowdfunding in AtaPlus Platform target at
    maximum of RM4 million to be used for working capital.
  • Aug 2021 - Dec 2021
    General Manager of Darul Ehsan City Farm Sdn Bhd
    - Appointed as GM and seconded from FCA Capital Sdn Bhd by the chairman to
    assists in overseeing the development of this newly revived company. Developing
    and implementing growth strategies, training low-level managers and staff,
    creating and managing budgets, improving revenue, hiring employees, evaluating
    performance and productivity, analysing accounting and financial data,
    researching and identifying growth opportunities, generating reports and giving
  • Apr 2021 - Present
    Senior Associate Corporate Finance of FCA Capital Sdn Bhd
    - Appointed as GM and seconded from FCA Capital Sdn Bhd by the chairman to
    assists in overseeing the development of this newly revived company. Developing
    and implementing growth strategies, training low-level managers and staff,
    creating and managing budgets, improving revenue, hiring employees, evaluating
    performance and productivity, analysing accounting and financial data,
    researching and identifying growth opportunities, generating reports and giving
  • Apr 2019 - Mar 2021
    Associate Corporate Finance of FCA Capital Sdn Bhd
    - Seconded from Mirmas Utilities Sdn Bhd to assists them on waste-to-energy, solar
    power plant, and agriculture technology projects. Research on project’s market
    conditions and trends and determine the economic impact. Support development
    of division protocols and policies. Manage projects from design and development
    to production. Strategize for contingency planning and risk mitigation and
    schedule project deliverables, milestones and goals.
  • May 2019 - Jul 2021
    General Manager of Mirmas Utilities Sdn Bhd
    - Overseeing daily business activities, improving overall business functions, training
    heads of departments, managing budgets, developing strategic plans, creating
    policies, and communicating business goals. Seconded to FCA Capital Sdn Bhd on
    April 2019 to assists them on a project involving waste-to-energy, solar power
    plant, and agriculture technology.
  • Nov 2018 - Apr 2019
    Business Development Manager of Mirmas Utilities Sdn Bhd
    - Improving and growing a business, by fostering and developing relationships with
    customers, suppliers and other partners. Improving profitability through careful
    strategic planning and positioning in the appropriate markets. Enhancing the
    operation of the business, position or reputation.
  • Aug 2018 - Oct 2017
    Assistant Engineer of Mirmas Utilities Sdn Bhd
    - Supports engineering projects by adapting and applying engineering techniques;
    conducting tests and inspections; preparing reports and calculations.
  • Oct 2016 - Apr 2017
    Research Assistant of Universiti Teknologi MARA, Sarawak
    - Assisting professor in relation to research within the scope of business and
    marketing. Managing budget and grant to ensure that budget are being utilized
    and well recorded. Had published several research articles and conference paper
    in top Business Journals which have been read and cited by other research
    journals. During that period, 10 research papers are published in various
    established journal, and won bronze medal in Invention Innovation & Design
    Competition (IIDEX).
  • Nov 2018 - Apr 2019
    Sales Executive of Delta Airlines, Kuala Lumpur
    - Work in an office environment outside of the airport. Mostly take calls and
    answer questions about airline regulations, help customers make travel plans,
    and work with computers to resolve problems. Additionally, involved in other
    stages of travel such as offering competitive prices, giving suggestions for
    accommodations and car rentals, and booking flights for travelers. Have been
    awarded a certificate of appreciation for attending an intensive training course in
    Atlanta, Georgia, USA.


  • UiTM Sarawak (2016)
    Bachelor in Business Administration (Hons.) Marketing
  • UiTM Johor (2013)
    Diploma in Business Administration
  • SMKTG Selangor (2009)
    Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia

Ahmad Ridzuan Bin Ishak I Farm Manager

Ahmad Ridzuan Bin Ishak I Farm Manager

Ahmad Ridzuan Ishak, age , is a young agropreneur with experience of more than 15 years in aquaculture managing his family’s 12 open cage aquaculture farm. He oversees all of DECF’s operations and procedures and is responsible for driving DECF to achieve and surpass sales, profitability, cash flow, and business goals and objectives.


  • 2021 - Present
    Chief Operating Officer of Darul Ehsan City Farm Sdn Bhd
    - Acting as the company’s second-in-command and responsible for the efficiency of business. Reporting only to the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and maintain control of diverse business operations, and to secure the functionality of business to drive extensive and sustainable growth. Design and implement business strategies, plans and procedures, set comprehensive goals for performance and growth, establish policies that promote company culture and vision, oversee daily operations of the company and the work of executives (IT, Marketing, Sales, Finance etc.), lead employees to encourage maximum performance and dedication, evaluate performance by analyzing and interpreting data and metrics, Write and submit reports to the CEO in all matters of importance, assist CEO in fundraising ventures, Participate in expansion activities (investments, acquisitions, corporate alliances etc.), and manage relationships with partners/vendors.
  • 2020 - 2021
    Farm Manager of Darul Ehsan City Farm Sdn Bhd
    - Directing all operational aspects including forward planning, making policy decisions, budgeting and maintaining accurate financial records, organising sales and purchases of livestock, farm equipment, crops and agricultural products, handling paperwork and keeping administrative records, recruiting, training/instructing and supervising farm workers, making sure that work progresses satisfactorily, ensuring compliance with government regulations and health and safety standards, keeping an up-to-date knowledge of pests and diseases, ensuring that the farm is profitable and meets projected financial targets, organising maintenance/repair of farm property, equipment and machinery, advertising and marketing farm products or the work of the farmer.
  • 2014 - 2018
    Branch Manager of Metro Money Exchange Sdn Bhd
    - Directing all operational aspects including distribution, customer service, human resources, administration and sales in accordance with the branch objectives. Providing training, coaching, development and motivation for personnel. Developing forecasts, financial objectives and business plans.
  • 2004 - 2014
    Sales Executive of Mr. Electric Enterprise
    - Conducting market research to identify selling possibilities and evaluate customer needs. Actively seeking out new sales opportunities through cold calling, networking and social media. Setting up meetings with potential clients and listening to their wishes and concerns.


  • Kolej Multimedia Academy (2004)
    Diploma in Business Management.
  • SMT Sri Iskandar (2000)

Term Sheet

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