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DFP Leadership Academy Sdn Bhd is a corporate training service provider that specializes in business management and business marketing specifically in short media clip propagation, which is a popular marketing tool on social media platforms such as TikTok, XiaoHongShu, Lemon8, Meta and Instagram, especially to those corporate owners or entrepreneurs that are experiencing digital transformation and those who wanna be influencers.

Investment highlights: 

👍 Well-established platform - MemberGo which is ready to operate and generate revenue for the company. Therefore, our company has a relatively low risk to invest.  
👍 Experienced management team have robust experience in conducting courses and guiding entrepreneurs to transform their business.
👍 Investment packages with an exit plan with an 8% annual dividend, complemented by valuable courses aligned with the invested amount. An exit mechanism will also be planned for our investors.

Pre-Live Campaign
Min Target RM 1,000,000
Max TargetRM 5,000,000
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DFP Leadership Academy Sdn Bhd is a corporate training service provider that specializes in "lifelong learning" and "industry knowledge exchange". It is dedicated to promoting education services for Asian talent and collaborates with practical entrepreneurs from China, Taiwan and Malaysia to offer courses in business management, business marketing, and related subjects like "internet, new retail, self-media, private domain operations, and live commerce".

Our courses focus on business monetisation using short video and self-media platforms such as YouTube, Meta, and TikTok; assisting small and medium-sized entrepreneurs, and mid to high-level managers in developing their business thinking, enhancing their strategic perspectives, and creating profitable models.


Our Journey



What We Do

The Challenge



Our Solution


Digital Skills Training: DFP offers courses on how to manage various digital platforms (YouTube, Meta, TikTok) to help businesses and individuals monetize their online presence. This addresses their lack of digital skills and knowledge.

Business Consulting: DFP provides business consulting services to support businesses and individuals in integrating their existing business models with various digital media platforms. They offer expertise in various fields, such as self-media and digital marketing, addressing the challenges of finding new business leads.

Well-established platform: DFP’s platform offers a series of educational videos covering topics such as managing digital media platforms, in-depth analysis of renowned brand business models and so on. These videos offer insights to entrepreneurs who wish to stay competitive in the global market. In addition, free users can benefit from the free video content that is available on the platform.

Why Are We Different

Global Business Models and Marketing Strategies Case Studies Analysis
We have a collection of over 500 case studies of world-renowned brand business models and marketing strategies through in-depth video analysis. By combining these high-quality contents with data insights, we can meet the specific needs of learners, instructors, and organizations.



Cross-border Online Membership Network Spanning 41 Countries
Our platform's cross-border online membership network covers 41 countries, facilitating global communication and collaboration between entrepreneurs and professionals across different regions. The total number of registered online members is 1,300 members.



Significant Influence on Major Social Media Platforms
We have a strong influence on social media platforms, particularly on TikTok. Our video content has amassed an impressive 2.6 billion views, which is a remarkable achievement that cannot be understated. These milestones serve as a testament to our extensive experience and expertise in this ever-evolving industry, reaffirming our capability to provide top-tier training services.



Well-established Partnership Network in Over 10 Countries
Our global partnership and distribution team spans 10 countries, demonstrating strong business coverage and influence. Through the strong network, we can provide comprehensive support and services to local enterprises. Entrepreneurs can leverage these strong networks to foster the growth of their businesses.



Skilled-Focused Training Program with Standardized and Organised SOP
Our training courses are designed to help corporate clients create high-quality corporate social media accounts and nurture skilled content creators in a scalable and efficient manner. Through our structural training, our corporate clients manage their social media accounts more efficiently, resulting in cost and time savings.



Exclusive Entrepreneurial Networking Platform
We allow entrepreneurs to form their business alliances in a revolutionary manner. Utilizing technology and new media marketing, our networking platform facilitates effective connections among entrepreneurs, fostering the formation of strategic business alliances.



Our Revenue Model



Our Market Opportunity

Global education market and corporate training market size (https://nfluencepartners.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/06/Nfluence-Partners-EdTech-State-of-the-Market-May-2021.pdf)
SEA Market Size (https://alexanderlhk.medium.com/the-education-technology-market-in-southeast-asia-2b7b56217846)


Based on the latest survey available, in Malaysia, there are about 30.8 million active social media users (Log in at least once in a month) in 2022. This is about 91.7% of the addressable demographics. Also, from 2021 until 2022, the number of users has grown 8%. The users have made their social media platform a primary or supplementary source of income especially on TikTok. With the latest data published in January 2023, TikTok growth rate is 1.34%, there are now around 17.2 million TikTok users in Malaysia. This has given a huge market opportunity for DFP to expand their business locally and globally.

Social Media in Malaysia - 2023 Stats & Platform Trends (https://oosga.com/social-media/mys/)

Our Strategy

As of now, our primary focus is on the Chinese-speaking markets in Malaysia with courses conducted in Chinese. A robust digital marketing strategy will be implemented to reach a broader audience. MemberGo App subscription which currently provides Chinese language content will continue to make efforts to enhance subscribers' experience. Online/ Offline programs will be planned on a smaller scale. Introduction events for DFP Business Submit Club Membership will be held in Kuala Lumpur at DFP HQ from June 2024 onwards and will target the top businesses.

In the medium term, our attention shifts to diversification and regional expansion. Increased efforts in digital marketing will aim at reaching an even broader audience. Video content translations into multiple languages including Malay, Indonesian and English will be completed by this stage in order to target a larger market in Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia. In later stages, the company is poised to penetrate the Southeast Asian market more aggressively. Further translations of video content will be completed to cater for Thai, Vietnamese and Philippine markets.



Our Achievements


Currently, DFP has been conducting both online and offline classes since March 2020. We have done approximately 700 online classes and 4 offline classes in Malaysia, as well as 1,500 online and offline classes in Taiwan.

Financial Forecast

Projected Revenue 2024 - 2026 (RM)



Indicative Usage of Funds



The Team

Hsuan Chii photo

Hsu Hsuan Chi | Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Hsu Hsuan Chi, age 28 is the CEO of DFP Leadership Academy Sdn Bhd. He has experience as a Corporate Marketing Advisor for listed companies such as Bedding World Taiwan, and other renowned companies.


  • 2023 - Present
    CEO of DFP Leadership Academy Sdn Bhd
  • 2021 - Present
    Managing Director, CHATGPT Co.Ltd, Taiwan
  • 2018 - Present
    CEO, Shanghai Haoguan Enterprise Management Consulting Co. Ltd, China



  • University of Science and Technology, Taiwan
    Bachelor of Commerce in Industrial Management

Shou Hung photo

Hsu Shou Hung | Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

Hsu Shou Hung, age 56, is the CFO of DFP Leadership Academy Sdn Bhd. He has experience as Lead Strategist, Education and Innovation Service Center in China. He is also a Keynote Trainer, serving Prestigious Clients in China's Banking and other Renowned Companies.


  • 2023 - Present
    CFO of DFP Leadership Academy Sdn Bhd
  • 2017 - Present
    General Manager, Shanghai Haoguan Enterprise Management Consulting Co. Ltd, China
  • 2012 - 2017
    General Manager, SuZhou Ever-Spring International Trading Inc. Ltd, China
  • 2012 -2016
    General Manager, Oriental Ever-Spring International Consultant Inc. Ltd, Taiwan
  • 2001 - 2011
    General Manager, Leader International Financial Consultant Inc. Ltd, Taiwan



  • National TamKang University, Taiwan
    Bachelor of Commerce in Statistics

Theam Ping photo

Tan Theam Ping | Chief Operation Officer (COO)

Tan Theam Ping, age 38, is the COO of DFP Leadership Academy Sdn Bhd. He has experience as an Advertising and New Media Consultant. He developed and executed effective digital marketing plans for various listed companies and notable businesses, leveraging expertise in new media platforms and operations management.


  • 2023 - Present
    COO of DFP Leadership Academy Sdn Bhd
  • 2018 - Present
    Keynote Speaker, DFP Leadership Academy
  • 2011 - 2018
    Ads Consultant, Datang Media Consultancy



  • University Technology Malaysia (UTM), Malaysia
    Master of Business Administration (MBA)
  • UCSI University, Malaysia
    Bachelor of Science (HONS) Biotechnology

Tsung Han photo

You Tsung Han | Chief IT Officer

You Tsung Han, age 50, is the Chief IT Officer of DFP Leadership Academy Sdn Bhd. He is an SEO/SEM Specialist who provides guidance on search engine optimization and paid advertising campaigns to various listed companies and notable businesses.


  • 2023 - Present
    Chief IT Officer of DFP Leadership Academy Sdn Bhd
  • 2021 - Present
    Deputy GM, DFP Leadership Institutes Co.Ltd, Taiwan
  • 2012 - 2016
    Lecturer of E-Commerce, YuanPei University of Medical Technology, Taiwan
  • 2001 - 2011
    Deputy GM, Leader International Financial Consultant Inc. Ltd, Taiwan



  • KaiPing Engineering and Business Vocational College, Taiwan
    Skill Certificate in Automotive Repair & Maintenance


Xiang He photo

Gu Xiang He | Chief Academic Officer

Gu Xiang He, age 34, is a Chief Academic Officer of DFP Leadership Academy Sdn Bhd. He has experience in Regional New Retail and Self-Media Projects launched and managed over 100 new retail projects across multiple regions, leveraging expertise in operations management and digital marketing.


  • 2023 - Present
    Chief Academic Officer of DFP Leadership Academy Sdn Bhd
  • 2021 - Present
    COO, ShangHai Salesant Co.Ltd, China
  • 2016 - 2018
    COO of E-Commerce Division, Dr Jou Co.Ltd, China



  • Hua Zhong University of Science and Technology, China
    Bachelor of Science in Network Economy and Management

Term Sheet

Risk Disclaimer

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