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We are a property investment consulting firm.

Our vision is to accurately predict demand for properties, via matching the right buyer with the right property, using data technology. Our missions are to using prospect and buyer’s data to accurately predict demand for properties, to match supply and demand for properties in Malaysia, and soon ASEAN, and to use data to match buyers with the right properties.

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We provide property investment consultation to our clients - we do not focus solely on the property, but we look at your long term investment planning. We're not an agent; agents do their best to sell. At FAR Capital, our first step of consulting is always to understand your long term investment goals - i.e. when and how you wish to retire, what are your financial goals (savings for children education, retirement home and lifestyle etc). In short - we are similar to financial advisors; but instead of focusing on equity, unit trust and insurance, we focus on the investment class that most wealthy people in the world use to grow and preserve their wealth - real estate.

What We Do

The Challenge

A lot of people strive to achieve financial freedom as one of their goal in life. One of the way to achieve this is via properties. Properties are deemed expensive currently and not many people know the optimum way to acquire these properties, especially in central CBD such as Klang Valley, Johor Bahru etc. In addition, the property market is so inefficient that it will take months for one to complete a single property transaction.

Our Solution

FAR Capital will enable our client to achieve their goal. Hence, we are building the technology and automation required to support the network effect we are currently experiencing.

Why Are We Different

We don’t start with solely properties ie where to buy, what to buy or when to buy.

We firstly start with financial education to our clients.

Properties are the only vehicle for our clients to achieve their financial goals.

Our Revenue Model

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Our Market Opportunity

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Our Strategy

Far Capital - Growth Strategy


Our Achievements

  • Managed group bulk purchase of over RM1 billion in the last 24 months.

  • Largest property influencer social media following – above 300,000 across Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

Indicative Usage of Funds

Far Capital - Usage of Funds

The Team

Far Capital - Faizul Ridzuan

Faizul Ridzuan


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Amanda Chong


Term Sheet

Risk Disclaimer

Investing in equity crowdfunding involves certain risks that include uncertainty of returns, lack of liquidity, dilution, material events and lack of control. Investments should be done as part of a diversified portfolio. ATA PLUS offers investment opportunities to investors who understands these risks in making their own investment decisions.


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