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As a company specializes in event & marketing, we aim to combine technology & personalized experience in delivering an unforgettable, out-of-the-box concept to reality. 

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As a company specializing in events & marketing, we have shaped our business on these values, determination, power, strength & honor dignity. We readily apply what we stand for in every area of our business service to our clients. With years of experience working in events and exhibitions industries in Malaysia, our strong presence regional teams and global marketing organizations offer international expertise in virtual exhibition design and event management.


What We Do

The Challenge

The digital space was almost always treated as an afterthought for expanding an audience beyond the reach of physical spaces. However, virtual technology does more than that. Being in the event industry for almost a decade, we have identified the following problems with physical spaces:

a. Fixed Event Campaigns
There are some limitations to how much you can customise a physical space. This offers little to no personalisation towards the idea clients have in mind to showcase ideally.

b. Traditional Interactions
Without technological innovation, information within an exhibition is delivered using traditional methods which are not as captivating as before.

c. Basic Event Planning
The idea of event planning has been around for a long time, often using basic methods which no longer drive online presence awareness. The way event campaigns are managed are now considered outdated without the implementation of innovative technology.

Our Solution

Online technologies allow for the creation of various forms of an exhibition with the freedom of endless space; each exhibition can exist on its own without diminishing the values from the others.  With our virtual exhibition and event solutions, we can help:

a. Personalised Event Campaigns
The possibilities of virtual technology are endless. It allows for easy customisation in a way that presents the identity of our clients according to their needs without compromising budget.

b. Immersive Interactions
Usually, traditional interactions are confined to reading information on the exhibits, booklets, or listening to guides. These forms of interaction do not respond to a visitor's personalised information preferences. But with immersive interactions, there can be a more direct involvement between the visitor and the exhibit, driving the likelihood of sales afterwards.

c. Concept To Reality
With many different types of people viewing virtual exhibitions, our designers and managers can create multiple formats to appeal to all audiences. A concept doesn’t have to remain a concept, if you can visualise it, we can realise it.

Why Are We Different

With virtual exhibitions, our clients’ events can be launched globally, reaching an international audience that increases brand awareness. Besides that, we can offer the most accurate data possible about our client’s audience, allowing our clients to generate insights to help them serve their customers better.

Competitive Landscape

Our Revenue Model

Our business operates on a tiered-pricing structure based on floor space with customisable packages with various options available to suit our client’s needs:

  1. Up to 36m2 of floor space [6x3m or 6x6m dimensions]

  2. DIY build using online configurator

  3. Choice of standard 6x3m or 6x6m designer stands

  4. Choice of up to 6x standard booth elements

  5. Product listing for all products and services

  6. Online ticket issue service

  7. Visitor contact and stats package


Business model

Our Market Opportunity

Globally, there are approximately 32,000 exhibitions each year, featuring 4.5 million exhibiting companies and attracting over 303 million visitors. Thanks to virtual exhibitions, our clients will be able to create their own digital event to capitalise and expand in their market. The following is an outlook of the exhibition industry globally and locally:

Market Size


a. Global virtual events and exhibitions market value - MYR 325 Billion
The global virtual events and exhibitions market is expected to show a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 23.2% from 2020 to 2027.

b. Southeast Asia virtual events and exhibitions market value - MYR 5 Billion
Companies in Southeast Asia are increasingly adopting the latest virtual technology at a rapid rate to enhance their businesses while appealing to the younger upcoming generation.

c. Malaysia virtual events and exhibitions market value - MYR 350 Million
Malaysia has grown to be among Asia Pacific's top exhibition centres. Economic diversity, new infrastructure, excellent accessibility and growing local expertise contribute to its rising popularity. 

Our Strategy


Our brand focuses on turning concepts into realities, leveraging on technological advancements to bring real life experiences into the online world. We are all about helping our clients reduce operational costs and increase their brand presence by eliminating geographical barriers. Our marketing strategy includes opening up a whole new range of marketing and promotion possibilities, with the delivery of new media types and completely personalized experiences.

Our Achievements

How far we have come:

a. Over 50,000 Minutes of Screening Time
We have helped clients of different business nature set up their exhibition booths for virtual screenings for a total of more than 50,000 minutes.

b. Viewed by More Than 68,000 Audience
With virtual exhibitions being accessible by anyone, from anywhere, at any time, one of the largest audiences we have had was attended by more than 68,000 people.

c. 100% Success Rate
We regularly update and maintain our virtual technology for optimum performance, ensuring that our virtual exhibitions are seamless from start to finish.

Indicative Usage of Funds

Invent 360 is looking to raise RM1,400,000 in exchange for 7.5% equity. The proceeds will be allocated as follow:

Use of Funds

The Team


Kenny Loh

Managing Director

Wey Ling

Heah Wey Ling

Event Director

Lee Yee

Ching Lee Yee

Event Manager

Term Sheet

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