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LXE takes a novel approach towards improving Malaysia's legal practice, through its web-based platform for clients and their lawyers to track and manage litigation proceedings together in a systematic and transparent manner.

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LXE THEORY SDN BHD is a Malaysian legal technology company founded by a team of lawyers and fin-tech practitioners. Our focus is to address the knowledge gap often faced between clients and their lawyers through the creation of a shared digital platform to track, supervise and manage their litigation proceedings. 

LXE is based on three core-values:



To improve the accessibility and inclusiveness of the public in the litigation process




To increase transparency in the management and monitoring of litigation proceedings




To promote greater accountability and confidence in the conduct of litigation cases

What We Do

The Challenge


The Malaysian legal system remains largely inaccessible to anyone outside the profession, due to limited awareness and innovation in legal technology.


There is an information gap on how litigation proceedings are conducted in Court. Clients often require better understanding and transparency on the handling of their cases by lawyers.


Without a proper record, clients find themselves vulnerable to miscommunication / misinformation, and in certain undesired circumstances, even exploitation.


When clients are not fully equipped to make informed decisions, losses may be  incurred and public confidence in the legal profession may be affected.

Our Solution


LXE is a Web-based digital platform for clients to track, manage and supervise their litigation proceedings together with their lawyers. 


How It Works

LXE Mockup 1

Lawyers key in suit information and updates onto LXE


Mockup 3

LXE generates a chronology of information shared with the Client


LXE Mockup 2

Check and balance to keep all Parties accountable




What's In It For:




  • Receive and track all updates from a single digitised source

  • Ensure full transparency of information received from Lawyers

  • Save time and better understand the full picture of the litigation process 




  • Have security that all Client updates / instructions are recorded

  • Greater confidence of Clients and opportunity to set the Firm apart

  • Increased efficiency in file management, record-keeping, task supervision and Court date / deadline reminders 








  • End-to-end file supervision, tracking and management

  • Digital chronology of litigation records and information





  • Facilitates client communications and updates

  • Instant email notifications on updates and deadline reminders

  • Billing and expense tracking and management

  • Database for documents shared with Client





  • Private encrypted server to ensure only Parties involved in a Suit have access

  • Two-way confirmation via email required between the Client and Law Firm to share a Suit

  • Law Firms have additional control over which Parties have access to a Suit 

  • Devices used to access LXE accounts can be monitored and controlled

  • Parties receive notifications on irregular sign-in attempts



Why Are We Different


  1. First Mover Advantage
    We believe LXE is a first-of-its-kind solution, focused on benefiting both the legal profession and public at large.

  2. Growth Potential
    Our valuation is based on conservative projections to allow room for healthy capital appreciation for our investors.

  3. Low Entry Point 
    Anyone can invest from a minimum of RM 500 to own a stake in LXE. We believe a larger investor community makes sense from both an exposure / marketing standpoint, and based on shared input towards ensuring LXE's success. 

Our Revenue Model


Monthly Subscription


Additional Accounts


Active Suits



*Subject to review where applicable

Our Market Opportunity

Civil and Criminal Litigation Statistics

Litigation Statistics


Total of 519,605 Civil Suits; and 1,951,102 Criminal Suits registered from Feb 2019 - Jan 2020.

Average of 43,300 Civil Suits and 162,591 Criminal Suits registered each month.


Registered Law Firms

Firm Statistic


Total of 4,702 law firms registered in the Klang Valley (KL & Selangor) alone.

802 law firms registered in Johor, 689 registered in Penang, and 2,058 across the other states.


Our Strategy




3-Year Projected Revenue (in RM)

Projected Revenue


Model basis (conservative):

  • Less than 8% of the potential number of law firms taken into account

  • Average of 3 new files each month for every law firm

  • 1 additional account purchased for every 2 law firms (commencing only from year 2)



Revenue Profit

Indicative Usage of Funds

Use of Funds





The Team

Joshua Goh

Joshua Goh

Co-Founder | Managing Director

Joshua is a qualified lawyer specializing in corporate and commercial litigation. He currently advises on financial technology and capital fundraising with a recognized market operator registered with the Securities Commission of Malaysia.


Abhilaash Subrimaniam

Abhilaash Subramaniam

Co-Founder | Operations & Compliance

Abhilaash is a qualified lawyer and member of Shearn Delamore & Co.’s Tax and Revenue Practice Group. His key areas of practice involve various aspects of Malaysian tax and revenue advisory, dispute resolution, and litigation work. 



Term Sheet


Risk Disclaimer

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