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Mecapan is a solution for salon and beauty treatment providers, that will let all women to have an easy access for beauty, make scheduling appointments easier, and also will help countless business owners manage their bookings with a simple and easy-to-use application. Mecapan will let women of all ages find the right beauty service provider to match their schedule, needs, location and budget.

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Mecapan Team


Mecapan is a brand new start-up aiming to fill a critical gap in Southeast Asia’s beauty service space. It’s a local initiative kick-started by a small team of young entrepreneurs. It aims to change the landscape in the app and beauty service and also promote how young people can design market solutions to meet today’s challenges. More importantly, it seeks to break barriers on a number of fronts: from taking business to digital platforms to making beauty more accessible for women across the board. In a way, Mecapan levels the field and gives more women convenient access to a series of treatments that will make them look and feel better. It’s about empowering women.

Mecapan is rolling out in the greater Jakarta area with a population of over 16 million women. In such a vibrant and unsaturated market, we’re perfectly positioned to launch our solution and help improve the lives of millions of women. The other key element that make this a golden opportunity is the fact that more and more of women are going online exploring and spending in the exciting world of beauty treatments and products. We are riding the powerful wave of the age of digital content and e-commerce.


What We Do

The Challenge

There are market inefficiencies that take place between the supply and demand in the beauty services space. Women find it hard to find credible beauty treatment providers that fit their budget, book appointments, and especially compare between providers. At the same time, beauty treatment providers also face obstacles such as attracting and keeping new customers; ensuring effective information management for customer profiles, rescheduling calendars, feedback, transactions and having reliable analytics of their customer base.

Currently, there is no trusted unbiased and updated solution. Some women go for emotional references and ask friends for recommendations when choosing beauty treatment providers. Others go online to only find information they find is biased. And yet another important segment of women simply end up randomly choosing provider they find in the street without any information and it’s a complete gamble.


Our Solution



Mecapan is a mobile app that offers the first end-to-end management for beauty services in Indonesia. It helps women find and book a wide array of beauty treatments and it helps beauty providers reach and manage clients.

Mecapan works through two separates apps that are interlinked, which are Mecapan and Mecapan for Business.

Our key features include:

  • Providing women with an instant overview of what treatments are available within their budget
  • Saving time as women can instantly book appointments
  • Offers a trusted level of quality assurance within its network of providers
  • Lets women share their views and rate the different providers.
  • A practical solution for beauty service providers as it helps them increase their customer base and boost loyalty of existing customers.
  • An effective way to match customers in search of specific treatments with the beauty service providers.


Mecapan Solution

Why Are We Different




The first app offering complete variety of beauty services

Mecapan is the first app to provide all kinds of beauty services in one place, including hair salons, freelance MUAs, slimming & spa centres, and dental clinics.




We empower women entrepreneurs

We encourage all merchants that are mostly led by women entrepreneurs to expand their business opportunities together with Mecapan.




We have the most attractive merchants agreement

Mecapan gives users the best deals from across all beauty merchants. We only charge them RM2.2 for every booking made through our app.




Not just vouchers, we are offering more

We are not only offering discount vouchers but also providing users with complete information of beauty services with useful features for users and merchants.

Our Revenue Model


Revenue Model



Phase 1: Booking fee

In Phase 1, our revenue will come through a RM 2.2 per transaction booking fee charged to each merchant at end of the month.

Phase 2: Revenue Share

Once we have more than 3 million users (and less than 5 million), we will move on to Phase 2, where our monetizing scheme will shift to a revenue sharing model.

Phase 3: Revenue Share, Advertisement, and Business Consultation

Once we pass 5 million users, we will also look into advertisement space. We will be in a unique position to offer an excellent Data Consultation Service for Premium Merchants


Mecapan Phase I


Our Market Opportunity

For Phase I, Mecapan is rolling out their apps onto the greater Jakarta area, with a population of over 16 million women, and over 100,000 beauty parlors as of 2012. The Mecapan apps are being launched at the perfect time, as the market is uniquely dynamic and unsaturated.



Mecapan Available Market



Our Strategy

Mecapan Strategy



New Campaigns. Breaking Barriers for Beauty and Everybody Deserves to be More Beautiful campaigns

All Merchants to offer discount. Giving discount for the first 2 months is one of requirements for a merchant to able to become our partner.

Creative booth launching. We’re prepared to have a face-to-face promotion for our target users. We’re planning to do soft launching in university and high school locations around Greater Jakarta.



Big Event. After a 6-month pilot period, we will have our big launch event with all of our Merchants and influencers to enhance our brand awareness and gain more users.

Media and Brand Partnership. We already have some of the top tier media companies who will collaborate and also will seek collaboration with major beauty brand firms.

Payment System Partnership. Mecapan will allow our customers to pay directly through our app.



Lifelong Beauty Companion. Big data to analyze the consumption pattern and budget of our customers, so that we always offer the best deals and services based on their characteristic

Indicative Usage of Funds


Mecapan Use of Funds


How Can I Invest?

Option 1 :

Investments can be done directly through this page by clicking on the ‘INVEST’ button.

Option 2 :

Alternatively, investments can also be made by depositing directly to the trustee account through :

  • Bank transfer; or

  • Cheque

For Option 2, please contact [email protected] to complete the investment process.

The Team

Naula Kamila

Naula Kamila

Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Syifa Alsakina

Syifa Alsakina

Co-Founder & Chief Marketing Officer

Galih Taufiqurrahman

Galih Taufiqurrahman

Co-Founder & Chief Operating Officer

Adrian Wisaksana

Adrian Wisaksana

Chief Technical Officer

Syarafina Galih

Syarafina Galih

Chief Financial Officer

Gerard Teoh

Gerard Teoh


Carolina Rodriguez

Carolina Rodriguez


Term Sheet

Risk Disclaimer

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