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Medical Opinion Asia (MOA) is an online platform providing medical second opinions to patients in the most efficient and easiest way possible. With their present team of 75 senior medical specialists, MOA aims to help everyone, from patients to insurance companies to corporate HR departments, in making medical decisions with confidence.

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At Medical Opinion Asia (MOA), we all share a common dream: to bring healthcare to another level and share its benefits with everyone. With a team of healthcare professionals and senior medical specialists, our platform provides medical second opinions to the clients seeking them, allowing everyone to make medical decisions with confidence. Our core strength lies in our ability to connect our clients to senior medical specialists in the most time efficient way.

Starting out in 2016 as an online platform specifically for patients seeking second opinions, we expanded our clientele to fulfil demands from business-to-business market in 2017 after seeing the great demand for our medical opinion service. We have been growing from strength ever since and are now providing niche healthcare services to insurance companies, legal firms and corporates. We truly believe that better healthcare equates better productivity and profit, hence our services are tailored towards helping our clients achieve that aspiration.

Medical Opinion Asia. Make medical decisions with confidence.


What We Do

The Challenge


Malaysians in general tend to shy away from asking questions or getting second opinions from other doctors on the diagnosis or recommended treatments by treating doctors and tend to agree with whatever treatment plans that have been proposed. Whilst some of them are afraid of getting second opinions thinking that it might upset the treating doctors, some just simply do not know who or where to turn to for second opinions. The truth is, you are in charge of your health, and have every right to get a second opinion, especially when facing these situations.

  1. When you are not comfortable with your diagnosis or recommended treatment.
  2. When your doctor recommends a serious but non-emergency surgery.
  3. When you do not feel like you are being heard.

According to a study from the Mayo Clinic, up to 88% of patients seeking a second opinion receive a new or refined diagnosis. Although the benefits of getting second opinion are obvious, there is currently no service to help patients in Malaysia to get access to senior medical specialists for second opinions.

The conventional way of getting a second opinion is asking for a specialist recommendation from friends or family members and subsequently visiting the specialist after appointment is made. This method is time consuming and can be costly.



Malaysia’s healthcare costs are increasing at a double digit inflation rate, and the rate is expected to continue growing at fast pace. According to the global survey conducted by consulting and broking entity Mercer Marsh Benefits, Malaysia’s healthcare inflation stood at 11.5% in 2016 and was projected to rise to 12.7% in 2017. This number puts Malaysia as the third-highest among 11 Asian countries surveyed, behind India and Indonesia.

The continued rise in inflation rate must be addressed by insurance companies and corporates as it has a significant impact on the companies’ overall profit and financial performances.

Besides inflation, insurers are also facing the issue of insurance fraud, which continues to grow at alarming pace worldwide and costing insurance companies billions in loss. Frauds can be committed by policyholders by claiming for fake or exaggerated illnesses, injuries or disabilities, often involving huge sum of monies. Besides policyholders, frauds can also be orchestrated by medical practitioners. Overcharging in private hospitals has become common practice where medical fraud has reached an endemic level. It is not uncommon to see at least 20% in excess billing charges in private hospitals across the country.

European Healthcare Fraud and Corruption Network estimated that RM1.66 trillion (US$415 billion) is lost globally due to healthcare fraud each year.

Corporates are not spared from false claims. Employers often face the issue of recurring MCs, fake MCs and prolonged illnesses. In a 2014 report, the Malaysia Employers Federation revealed that employers lost RM2.9bil annually in overtime payments to workers who are replacing those on medical leave. If left unresolved, it will affect a company’s productivity and overall financial performance.


Medical Inflation Table

Our Solution


Medical Opinion Asia’s online platform provides the public with access to senior medical specialists for second opinions. Our specialists are currently practicing in major private medical centres in Malaysia and are carefully handpicked and invited to be in our panel. A patient can seek for a second opinion on the diagnosis and treatment from one of our specialists by completing the questionnaire and submitting all the relevant medical documents and images such as MRI, CT Scan, X-ray and Ultrasound. Our system will then automatically alert the selected specialist to provide his/her opinion. Opinion report will be provided by the specialist within 72 hours. Medical images uploaded by patients are viewed by our specialists using an integrated industry leading medical image viewing system, in lossless quality.

Using our platform, foreign patients can get a second opinion from a senior specialist first before coming over for treatment. After getting the second opinion, if the patient would like to come over to Malaysia for treatment, Medical Opinion will arrange for the concierge and appointment with the specialist.

Screenshot MOA Web Platform


  1. Fast and easy access to senior medical specialists.
  2. Available 24x7, anytime and anywhere.
  3. User friendly web portal.
  4. Overcomes geographical constraint.





Medical Opinion Asia helps insurance companies and corporates in healthcare cost containment by providing our niche healthcare solutions such as insurance medical opinion and independent medical examination (IME). Using our solutions, claim managers and HR managers can make better informed decisions, on whether or not to approve the claims from policyholders or employees and determining the return-to-work period for ill employees. Whenever a claim is deemed to be dubious, claim manager can request for medical opinion from our specialists for clarification on treatment procedure or bill. If IME is necessary, Medical Opinion Asia will arrange for it and a detailed report will be provided to the requester.


Why Are We Different




Senior Medical Specialists

All specialists in our team are handpicked. They are senior medical specialists currently practising in major private hospitals in Malaysia.




Get Second Opinions Easily Online

Second Opinion can be easily requested from our specialist from the comfort of your home. Just upload all the relevant medical documents and complete our questionnaire, and opinion will be provided to you in less than 72 hours.




Medical Image Viewer

Our technology platform is integrated with an industry leading medical image viewer which enables our specialists to view medical images such as MRI, CT Scan, X-ray and Ultrasound in the lossless quality.


Our Revenue Model

  Business Model Price Target Market
B2C Medical Second Opinion RM320 per opinion Local and foreign patients
Medical Tourism Between RM10,000 to RM80,000. Depends on procedure. Patients from Indonesia, China, Saudi Arabia and Bangladesh
B2B Corporate Second Opinion RM320 per opinion Corporates in Malaysia
Corporate (Retainer) Annual retainer calculated based on number of employees Corporates with over 200 employees
Insurance Second Opinion RM320 per opinion Health insurers in Malaysia
Independent Medical Examinations Between RM5,000 and RM15,000. Depends on type of examination Life insurers and legal firms which deal with medicolegal cases

Our Market Opportunity


Studies show as many as 20% of patients seek second medical opinions; in specialties such as oncology, the rate is more than 50%. These numbers present a great market opportunity for Medical Opinion Asia as our online platform can be accessed globally. Our website is currently viewed from more than a hundred countries, via organic growth. We are already accepting second opinion requests from overseas such as Indonesia and New Zealand. As our second opinion pricing is comparatively super affordable compare to the western countries, we are expecting substantial number of requests when the marketing effort begins.

The medical tourism industry in Malaysia is booming. According to Transparency Market Research, the medical tourism market in Malaysia is forecasted to expand by a whopping 30.05% Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) between 2016 and 2024. At this astonishing pace, the market will reach US$3.5 bn by the end of 2024, from a valuation of US$424.96 mn in 2016. The ever-growing influx of medical tourists from Indonesia, China, Saudi Arabia and other countries indicates massive opportunity for Medical Opinion Asia to grow exponentially in this space.



In Malaysia, there are more than 30 insurance companies with the national insurance penetration rate to breach 75% in 2020 from 56% in 2017. In 2016, there were 48,927 non-motor cases handled by adjusters in Malaysia.

There are 919 listed companies and 907,065 SME establishments in Malaysia. As indicated in the survey carried out by AIA in 2017, averagely, companies are suffering from 67 days loss of working days per employee per year due to absenteeism and presenteeism, and this leads to RM2.7mil lost per company per year.

These statistics presents a huge market for Medical Opinion Asia to tap in and grow our business.


MOA Revenue Malaysia 2020
MOA Revenue ASEAN 2022

Our Strategy


Reaching out to the retail market by promoting brand awareness

  • Media Coverage and Partnerships. MOA has previously been featured on BFM, Bernama and Focus Malaysia, and will continue to increase press coverage. Partner with media companies focusing on healthcare such as Revon Media and MIMS to create brand awareness. 
  • Conferences, forums and exhibitions. Participate as speaker, exhibitor and visitor to reach out to the target market, as well as conducting public forums and health talks to create brand awareness and highlight the importance of getting second opinions.
  • Brand Partnerships. Partnership with healthcare retailers and service providers such Homecare, Caring, My Flex Health for joint and affiliate marketing.
  • Partnership with Travel Agencies. Joint and affiliate marketing with travel agencies to promote MOA in other countries.
  • Partnering with Malaysia Healthcare Travel Council (MHTC). Packages for medical procedures and aesthetics for foreign patients.



      Tie up with multiple legal firms for Medicolegal & Insurance Cases

      • Make inroads to  councils & associations. Create brand awareness through Malaysian Bar Council and associations to reach out to lawyers handling medicolegal and insurance claims cases.
      • Conferences, forums and exhibitions. Participate as speaker, exhibitor or visitor to create awareness of the availability of services such as medical second opinion and independent medical examination to the legal fraternity.
      • Referrals. Promoting our services to new clients through existing clients.
      • Facilitate discussions between legal and medical parties.


      Tie up with corporate HR departments for employees health management

      • Corporate HR. Providing opinions to assist corporate HR departments manage healthcare cost of employees and assist in the management of absenteeism to achieve greater productivity and efficiency.

      Our Achievements

      MOA timeline

      Indicative Usage of Funds

      MOA Use of Funds


      Engage in stronger marketing initiatives across regional markets, in order to expand our B2B clientele as well as our medical tourism service.

      Technological Development

      Development of mobile apps for all MOA services. Expansion of our online services to include interactive programmes for patients and wearables to connect clients to healthcare providers.


      Day-to-day business operations for revenue generations.

      Human Resources

      Expand talent resources and operations for market expansion.



      How Can I Invest?


      Option 1 :

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      Option 2 :

      Alternatively, investments can also be made by depositing directly to the trustee account through :

      • Bank transfer; or

      • Cheque

      For Option 2, please contact [email protected] to complete the investment process.



      The Team

      Tan Sri Dato’ Seri Dr Aseh Bin Hj. Che Mat

      Tan Sri Dato’ Seri Dr Aseh Bin Hj. Che Mat


      Stuart James Venner Pack

      Stuart James Venner Pack

      Managing Director and Co-Founder

      Dato’ Wei Chuan Beng

      Dato’ Wei Chuan Beng

      Director and Co-Founder

      Prof. Dr. David Charles Cumberland

      Prof. Dr. David Charles Cumberland

      Director and Clinical Advisor

      Chong Sze Siang

      Chong Sze Siang

      Chief Technology Officer

      Term Sheet

      Risk Disclaimer

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