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Pasar App’s mission is simple: deliver the freshness of the pasar (wet market) right to your doorstep. With over 80 merchants signed on and just under 14,000 downloads of our app, it’s time to revitalise the business!

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Pasar App’s vision is to be the largest multi-pasar delivery platform servicing key market centres in Malaysia and neighbouring Asian countries. We strive to bring convenience for the user in purchasing fresh goods and create value for the pasar merchants that partner with us. With problems in parking, uncomfortable surroundings and time consumption, Pasar App makes it easy and convenient to purchase these fresh goods. 

With just under 14,000 downloads and more than 80 merchants signed on from 7 different pasars, it is time to restart the business. We have been featured in Digital News Asia, BFM 89.9, the Star SME BIZ and Nona on TV3. Time has been taken out to relook at the business plan with a focused strategy and a focused marketing approach. 

What We Do

The Challenge

Although going to the pasars (wet markets) to buy fresh groceries is an experience; going to the pasar regularly to buy fresh groceries can be a daunting task because of:

Limited Parking

Limited Parking: Parking is limited unless one is there bright and early. Getting to the Pasar late also means fresh products may run out.


Uncomfortable Environment

Uncomfortable surroundings: Pasars are hot and uncomfortable and may be subject to the weather. Limited space also means being cramped with many people.

Time Consuming

Time consumption: In this day and age people struggle to find time balancing family and work, let alone going grocery shopping and searching for fresh groceries.



Expensive: Purchasing groceries at hyper or supermarkets means paying parking fees and paying higher grocery prices. Although there are some grocery delivery services out there, they are buying from the same hyper or super markets that command a higher price.

Our Solution

Customers are able to go onto Pasar App and look for their favourite merchants in their closest pasars. From there, they can buy the products from multiple merchants and have it delivered by our riders to their doorstep.

For those that are unsure of the merchants in their nearest pasar, they can search the app via product listings, such as fish, chicken, vegetable etc.

In addition, there is a 'Fulfilled by Pasar' section that users can use for items not available in their specific pasar.

Using the app means:

  1. Saving time: Users are free to utilise their time as we do the buying and delivery for them.

  2. Saving money: money is saved as there is no need for parking and the prices of the produce are not as high as those of hyper or supermarkets.

  3. Comfort: we go to the pasar for the user; they can stay in the comfort of their own home or office. 













Starting with Pasar Taman Tun Dr Ismail, Pasar App will be a multi pasar platform that facilitates easy buying of fresh groceries and assists local merchants to stay in business and expand their reach

Why Are We Different


Strong focus on the wet markets (pasars) only



More affordable as compared to other delivery services



Freshness of products


Pasar coin

Community Focused - Pasar Points or Rewards will be used to redeem from businesses within the surrounding Pasar community


Our Revenue Model

Non-Subscription Model:

Type Delivery Fee Handling Fee Mark-up Average %
Merchants RM 8 10% 0% 10% + RM 8 delivery
Fulfilled by Pasar* RM 8 10% 30% 40% + RM 8 delivery

Subscription Model:

Type Delivery Fee Handling Fee Mark-up Average %
Merchants RM 15 (per month) 10% 0% 10% per delivery
+ RM 15 per month
Fulfilled by Pasar* RM 15 (per month)  10% 30% 40% per delivery
+ RM 15 per month

*Fulfilled by Pasar: These include items that cannot be found in the Pasar’s but at wholesale markets.


Advertising and promotions will be focused on communicating with women (mothers/ wives/ single women) as they are the main decision makers of the household when it comes to the purchasing of groceries.

Our Market Opportunity

Our focus is to target the Klang Valley, as the majority of online and app based usage is located here. Based on research conducted in 2018, the number of Malaysian households is at 5.8 million. Focusing on the state of Selangor itself, which includes the Klang Valley, the number shifts to 1.5 million. That is a lot of households, one that Pasar App by itself cannot satisfy. Therefore the aim is to just focus on the 1% in the Klang Valley: 15,000 households.


Pasar Market Opportunity

Information quoted and extrapolated from Khazanah Research Institute: The State of Households 2018 https://aseanup.com/market-analysis-malaysia/

Our Strategy




Short Term

  • Focus on one pasar and its neighbourhood with a delivery radius to its surrounding areas. The focus will be TTDI pasar and its periphery neighbours.
  • Create a ‘play book’ in this one neighbourhood that can be replicated.
  • Focus on women/ housewives/ mothers within these neighbourhoods

Medium Term

  • Expand the ‘playbook’ to other areas, such as Pasar Jinjang, Jalan Othman.
  • Expand other delivery items beyond the Pasar, such as retail and pharmacies.
  • Increase marketing campaign and budget.

Long Term

  • Expand to other Asian countries. Main focus to be Indonesia as a trial country. 
  • Bundle items on the Malaysian app via food recipes.
  • Develop a cashless system: Pasar coins and rewards.
  • Merge/ acquire/ get acquired by other online delivery businesses.

Our Achievements

We carried out an 8-month testing period (September 2017 to April 2018)


Merchant Acquisition

80 merchants in 7 pasars signed up

- TTDI, Jalan Othman, Jinjang,  Dato Keramat, Taman Muda, Sungei Besi and OUG


Customer Acquisition

Pilot Acquisition


Indicative Usage of Funds


Pasar Use of Funds



Operations and staff acquisitions:

Hire the right team that consists of the rider team, logistics manager and customer service team. The focus is to keep the team lean for now.


Marketing activities:

There has been minimal above the line marketing activities. The focus of the funding is to ramp it up. The strategic focus is to target women.


Enhancement and update of the system:

Although the app has been fully developed, there will be updates and tweaking for the relaunch.

The Team

Tunku Eddy Nasruan Adil Tunku Mudzaffar

Tunku Eddy Nasruan Adil Tunku Mudzaffar

Director and Co-Founder

Tunku Danny Nasaifuddin Tunku Mudzaffar

Tunku Danny Nasaifuddin Tunku Mudzaffar


Shane Ling

Shane Ling

Chief Technology Officer

Term Sheet

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