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PurelyB is Asia’s leading health and wellness online community portal that serves as the go-to-guide to leading a sustainable healthy lifestyle. They provide holistic wellness content on nutrition, fitness and mindfulness with a mission to transform people’s quality of health and life through online guided solutions created by the best health experts worldwide.

PurelyB makes healthy living affordable and accessible for all, with customised solutions for Asian cultures and lifestyles.

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We are Asia’s leading trusted health & wellness online community portal and content guide in Asia with 100,000 monthly active users from 6 countries. We cater for Asian lifestyles and cultures with credible content, guidance and tools created by the best wellness experts, to help communities in Asia overcome their health issues and live a better quality of life. The first of its kind in the region, we provide a digital ecosystem to benefit and connect both consumers and brands in health and wellness from a holistic lifestyle approach.


We have a global audience with monthly users predominantly from Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Hong Kong, India, Australia, North America and the United Kingdom, despite all our marketing and efforts to date only focused on Malaysia.  


PurelyB Worldwide Users


Our long-term vision is to invigorate Asia, improve the quality of life of many and empower sustainable holistic lifestyle change.

What We Do

The Problem

Health complications (e.g. obesity, diabetes and chronic illnesses) are increasing exponentially in Asia,  as a result of unhealthy lifestyles and environments. Malaysia in itself has the highest obesity rate in the region, with every 1 in 2 Malaysians suffering from obesity.

Over 200 million diabetics reside in Asia, or 60% of the world’s diabetic population. These alarming statistics have prompted the need for more natural health solutions and alternatives in treatment and prevention. However, there is lack of awareness, guidance and support towards helping users overcome their health struggles long-term through natural remedies and holistic lifestyle change.

Furthermore, a lot of the health portals available today are only catered to western markets offering solutions that are not relevant or accessible to people in Asia.

Our Solution

Enter PurelyB, a trusted and localised media platform and guide for wellness in Asia. Created by our team of health experts and powered by a community of contributors, our platform is intended to aid, heal, and promote prevention and wellbeing - the natural way. We provide guidance and support by helping people overcome their health issues with solutions customised to their local cultures and lifestyles.

Our key features include:

  • Free educational, inspirational wellness content localized to Asia on nutrition, fitness, wellness, mindfulness.
  • 3-12 week customized programmes with video coaching from experts (including recipes, tracker, podcasts) to guide in overcoming health issues naturally & sustainably
  • Live webinars and on-ground wellness events: Interact live with the experts and community members with guided nutrition, fitness & mindfulness sessions
  • Online subscription for an extensive library of holistic wellness videos and programmes

Why Are We Different

Crafted by Trusted Industry Leaders, Catered to Asian Markets

Our content and programmes are localised and catered to Asian lifestyles, cultures and mindsets, and are available in both English and Chinese. Our competitors are focused primarily on Western markets and produce content that is not particularly relevant to people in Asia.

We offer members peace of mind and assurance. PurelyB is a trusted and credible brand in Asia created by and in partnership with pioneering experts in the wellness industry. Every piece of content is carefully crafted and curated to put forth only the highest quality programmes from credible leaders, with proven results.

Unlike most generic health and fitness online portals, we focus on holistic wellness solutions for healing and prevention, to help you and your family improve your quality of life in the long-term. This includes providing a combination of physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing guidance, addressing specific health challenges in the region such as  obesity, diabetes, eczema, allergies and more - NATURALLY.

Our Revenue Model

Community-Driven Revenue at High Profit Margins


Profit Margins


Health Programmes

Subscribers will have access to more than 50-100 different programmes as our online library continues to grow. This library consists of customised online programmes (e.g. 30-Days to Healing & Nourishing Your Body with Clean Eating; Natural Home Pharmacy for Adults, Kids & Babies, etc.) designed by our health and wellness experts providing step-by-step guidance on holistic lifestyle changes on nutrition, fitness and mindfulness.

  • Videos & Podcasts
  • e-Books
  • Recipes
  • Goal Tracking Diaries
  • Community Group Chat & Support
  • Online/Offline Community Events & Activities
  • Rewards & Points for Progress


Brand Partnerships

Advertisers pay package fees for brand association and co-creation of content. Their brands and products will be available on our media channels. PurelyB practices strict guidelines on who we work with, ensuring our partners share common values and goals.

  • Branded Articles, Videos, Social Media, e-Newsletters
  • Health Programme Sponsorships (Brand and Product Recommendations)
  • On-Ground Health & Wellness Workshops, Events & Guidance Sessions
  • Corporate Employee Wellness Programmes


Corporate Wellness Programmes

We work with companies and corporation in revamping their overall wellness culture, customising content and solutions aimed at improving employee health and productivity sustainably. Our health content and programmes, coupled with motivating workshops will help employees achieve their absolute best work whilst bettering their quality of life and reducing health risks.


We Aim to Reach Profitability by 2018

Strong and consistent revenue growth from PurelyB's brand partnerships and programme sales. We are expected to be profitable by end-2018 (FY 2019).


Our Market Opportunity

Fueling the Next Stage of the Wellness Revolution


Market Sizing


An estimated 100 million people in Asia suffer from health issues such as diabetes, obesity, allergies and skin conditions (e.g. eczema) and want to improve their health and better their lifestyles.

Another estimated 40 million (40%) of these people are health conscious individuals and are mostly based in urban areas of SouthEast Asia, falling within the upper-middle class income brackets. This population of people have the ability to spend more on their health choices and decisions in making positive and impactful lifestyle changes.

- Source : Robinson Pharma Inc September 2015


Our Strategy

We intend to grow our business and achieve profitability by the end of 2018. Our programmes are competitively priced and are adjusted to local currencies and costs- of-living, making our programs more accessible and affordable to everyone.



  • Launch PurelyB’s New Strategies introducing signature health programmes as well as implementing new and improved business models in multiple markets - Malaysia, Singapore, and Hong Kong, by Q4 of 2017. This will be complemented with a mini-launch event in each country, bringing the health programme experience to life and driving demand.
  • Highly Targeted Online Advertising through the use of Social Media and Search Engine Marketing (SEMs) and Optimization (SEOs).
  • Establish New Partnerships with a shared revenue structure, providing special offerings for their clientele.
  • Introduce Influencers and Brand Ambassadors in order to work on a more immersed level and spread brand awareness.
  • Offer Refer-a-Friend Benefits by encouraging subscribers to rally their family and friends to join in on health programmes.
  • Engage with the Online Community through webinars and live FB Video Events - members are able to interact directly with our health experts.
  • Community Engagement On-Ground through regular monthly/fortnightly workshops where members experience first-hand the benefits of the health programmes (i.e. food, fitness activities, etc). These events also bring our members together, thus creating added value in being a part of the PurelyB community.
  • Corporate Partnerships offering wellness and health programmes bundled in at a special offering.



  • Introduce loyalty programmes. Members will be able to earn points and redeem rewards. Incentivising programme participation (watching videos, completing tasks, sharing with friend, etc) will encourage customer retention as well as community growth, as our members essentially become advocates.



  • Expansion into new Global markets based on data and insights on key potential markets & interest in our offerings
  • Explore acquisitions and Joint Venture deals with existing health and wellness companies and communities that share the same values, and have the appropriate existing audience base, across key markets for expansion.
  • Content Licensing with Telcos, cable TV partners, broadcast network partners, OTT & Video-On-Demand partners seeking niche and high quality wellness lifestyle content for product expansion and innovation.

Our Achievements


Consistently Striving for Overachievement

Founded in May 2015, we raised a seed investment of USD $500k led by Silicon-Valley based Venture Capitalist Fund 500 Startups. PurelyB is also an alumni of Stanford University’s Technology Ventures Program (e@Stanford) and was awarded Red Herring’s Top 100 Startups in Asia in 2015 at just 4-months old, a prestigious list honouring the most promising technology ventures in Asia.



Indicative Usage of Funds

Usage of Funds


Development and Launch of PurelyB's New Content & Products

Production & Marketing of PurelyB’s free content and premium signature health & wellness programmes designed to address the health needs of the Asian community. This includes a revamp and development of a new platform and evolving into a subscription model.


Building an Internal Engineering Team

Our technology build-up will be more cost-effective and more efficient with this internal team. Our full-time CTO joined us on 1st of November 2016, and is leading the team in talent growth.


Build Up Our Singapore, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Australia & Middle East Resources & Presence

Talent resources and operations for market expansion - hiring country managers in regional markets in order to grow our community, local content and consequently, drive sales. Despite the interest and opportunities, our resources are currently too stretched to look at markets beyond Malaysia.


Strengthen Sales, Marketing & Grow Customer Base

Customer Acquisition & Retention Strategies - new funds will help us engage in stronger marketing initiatives and efforts across regional markets, currently with particular focusing on our content and programmes.


How can I Invest ?

Option 1 :

Investments can be done directly through this page by clicking on the ‘INVEST’ button.

Option 2 :

Alternatively, investments can also be made by depositing directly to the trustee account through :

  • Bank transfer; or

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The Team

Jesrina Arshad

Jesrina Arshad

Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Stephanie Looi

Stephanie Looi

Co-Founder & Chief Operations Officer

Marissa Parry

Marissa Parry

Wellness Director (Nutrition & Fitness)

Carina Lipold

Carina Lipold

Wellness Director (NLP, Nutrition & Fitness)

Amanda Teh

Amanda Teh

Wellness Director (Naturopath)

Tarunjeet Singh

Tarunjeet Singh

Chief Technology Officer

Term Sheet

Risk Disclaimer

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