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uLearnMONEY is the most comprehensive and credible online financial education platform in Malaysia that will guide and teach you to gain personal financial success. Together, let’s elevate our financial literacy with uLearnMONEY!

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uLearnMoney is an initiative of the Money Compass Media group, and it aims to elevate the financial literacy of all Malaysian users, particularly the young adults, through continuous education, counselling and advisory tools. Its goals support the Government’s National Financial Literacy Strategy 2019-2023. On a corporate level, it is committed to help in the effective implementation of the country’s national strategy set up by the Financial Education Network, and  spearheaded by Bank Negara Malaysia and the Securities Commission. 

uLearnMONEY was founded on June 28, 2019 and in such a short span of time has tied up with over 36 tertiary institutions to reach out to their undergraduates.  It has grown in consistency and strength to provide online financial education through a Learning Management System platform.  Currently, the platform is aimed at the Malaysian users and there are plans to expand its usage across other neighbouring countries, aiding individuals and users to gain and enjoy personal financial success. 

Despite the challenges and interruptions faced by everyone this year with the ongoing pandemic, UlearnMoney earned the distinction of being awarded the best financial online literacy platform in Malaysia by Google.

uLearnMONEY offers a vast choice of financial literacy programmes to tertiary students and young adults, with industry financial experts at hand to coach and guide them in raising their financial knowledge and  literacy.

What We Do

The Challenge

It is said that two-thirds of all Malaysians are not financially literate. With such a circumstance, it has brought along many social-economic problems such as poverty, high household debts, insufficient retirement savings, high default of student loans and credit cards, etc. Many have also lost their precious life savings to various scams and Internet fraud.

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Our Solution

An affordable and comprehensive Internet learning platform with credible and comprehensive video content for 4 market segments (University Students, Family & Household, SMEs, Professionals).


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Ulearnmoney Solution

Learning Management System has proven an effective structured online learning method, unlike YouTube contents which contents are not certified mostly, unorganized, the display platform with contents scattered and not guarantee of contents quality.

  • It is being hosted privately on cloud server
  • Structured Learning, Test, Quiz & Assessments
  • Progress Tracking, Statistics & Reports
  • Certification & Rewards
  • Gamifications
  • Solution Apps


Ulearnmoney Videos

Why Are We Different

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Our Revenue Model

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Our Market Opportunity

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Our Strategy

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Our Achievements

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Indicative Usage of Funds







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The Team

UlearnMONEY Founder

Amy Seok

Founder & CEO

Ulearnmoney Zainal Abidin

Zainal Abidin

Director of External Relations & Business

Ulearnmoney Lucas

Lucas Wong

Director of Marketing & Promotion

Term Sheet

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