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Global Roomz is Malaysia’s unique, Smart Digital-Travel & integrated e-Commerce Platform designed for Small Business Enterprises. Using our platform, small business enterprises such as hotels,  cafes, restaurants, wellness services are able to benefit from our sales referrals, and brand promotions to ultimately increase their profit margins.

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Global Roomz was born to answer the simple question of  “How do we integrate small businesses and tourism retailers in order to achieve the common goals of Sustainability and Profitability?”

We believe that digital technology is the only way for SME players to have a competitive business model in todays’ markets. Thus, we developed Global Roomz, a Total Hospitality solution serving the hotel, F&B, and travel institutions through offering them access to our direct booking system, smart check-in system, and payment gateways to benefit all the tourism players within a market.

What We Do

The Challenge

The hotel industry is the backbone to our nation’s vibrant Tourism industry. The industry has historically, greatly contributed to the nation’s economic growth - however this stands to be hampered by the restrictions and caused by the covid19 pandemic.

The Tourism industry is the third biggest contributor to Malaysia’s GDP, responsible for 5.9% of our country’s GDP in the year 2018. As domestic travel begins to pick up, and borders begin to reopen, Global Roomz is capitalising on this opportunity to help as many small business enterprises by featuring them on our platform.

Global Roomz The Problem

Our Solution

Global Roomz is a one-stop, Integrated Smart Digital Travel & E-Commerce platform. We provide a more affordable platform for budget and SME hoteliers to list their rooms on. The platform helps hoteliers who otherwise cannot afford to develop their own booking platforms and interfaces to digitise their businesses. 


The main feature of Global Roomz is the direct room booking and management system that’s provided to hoteliers. By engaging with Global Roomz, we help hoteliers be less reliant on listing their businesses on more costly Online Travel Agencies (OTA). The platform also empowers hoteliers to generate higher direct room bookings as Global Roomz only charges 6%, as compared to the 25%-30% charged by other OTAs.

Global Roomz Our Solution


Global Roomz Solution 2

Phase 1 of our journey involves reaping the revenue from room bookings and listings made on our platform. Moving forward, we intend to create a healthy ecosystem of small business enterprises on our platform, covering the tourism value chain from:

  • Allowing in-hotel shopping by connecting local native products directly to hotels

  • Encouraging hoteliers to list and suggest local shops in exchange for referral fees

  • Promo vouchers for the products on the platform

  • Offering tourism insurance

  • Offering tour plan packages for users on the platform

  • Other services - such as producing travel sims and travel prepaid payment cards

Why Are We Different

  1. Improved Profit Margins

    ❖ Hoteliers on our platform are able to make revenue more revenue through direct bookings as Global Roomz only charges 6%

  2. Diversified income streams

    ❖ Hoteliers are able to earn income through suggesting or listing local small business enterprises on our platform

  3. Enhanced return on investment

    ❖ Enhanced value through having multiple small businesses work together to offer a competitive package

    ❖ Diversification with zero business risks

    ❖ Participation in Capital Market Planning

  4. Reduction in operation costs for Hotelier

    ❖ The platform offers smart check-in services for all the hotels onboarded

    ❖ Bulk procurement made possible through the platform

Global Roomz Different 1

Our Revenue Model

Our revenue model at the start relies on revenue earned from the booking of hotel rooms.

Global Roomz Revenue Model

Our Market Opportunity

Global Roomz Market Opportunity

Our Strategy

Global Roomz Strategy

Indicative Usage of Funds

Global Roomz - Usage of Funds

The Team

GlobalRoomz CEO

Denis Ong



Goh Hock Gin


Global Roomz CMO

Jeff Chong


Global Roomz CTO

Micheal Teh


Global Roomz Director of Business Development

Abdul Jalal

Director of Business Development

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