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The Green Earth is a plantation management company focusing on developing and planting sandalwood, Santalum Album in Malaysia.

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The Green Earth is a plantation management company focusing on developing and planting sandalwood, Santalum Album in Malaysia.

The natural distribution of sandalwood extends from 30°N to 40°S from Indonesia in the east to Juan Fernandez Islands (Chile) in the west and from Hawaiian Archipelago in the north to New Zealand in the south. Malaysia is just lying north of the equator which has abundant sunshine and rainfall, fertile soil and shelter from natural disasters make it an ideal paradise to establish sandalwood plantation.


The Green Earth aspires to focus on upstream industry such as Sandalwood plantation management, sandalwood cultivation such as searching for planting area, cultivating seedlings, planting management, and sandalwood product development.


The Green Earth is going to develop a nursery and plantation of sandalwood, Santalum album. The development includes the feasibility study and land acquisition for sandalwood cultivation.

What is Sandalwood? 

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Commercial Usage of Sandalwood Oil


My Green Earth Commercial Usage of Sandalwood Oil

Commercial Usage of Sandalwood Log


Commercial Usage Sandalwood Log


What We Do

The Challenge

The major suppliers, India and Indonesia, have restricted sandalwood exports because of dwindling stocks. Sandalwood is in high demand in countries like India, China, Japan, Taiwan and the US. But the current production across the world accounts for only one-forth of the global market demand. Excessive harvesting without replenishment of this invaluable resource has substantially reduced the supply of the sandalwood industry, even almost going to extinction, resulting in global shortage and soaring market prices. The natural sandalwood trees are decreasing due to illegal and unsustainable procurement of the wood. Santalum Album Sandalwood has been categorized as ‘vulnerable’ by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) in 1997. It is a threatened species in Asia due to decades of over-harvesting and smuggling.


Sustainability is now a major challenge for many essential oil-bearing crops, and the growth of aromatherapy has exacerbated the problem. This especially applies to wild grown plants such as Santalum album – most valuable Sandalwood species.

The Green Earth Our Problem


Our Solution

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Why Are We Different

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Our Revenue Model

The Green Earth Revenue model


Our Market Opportunity

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Our Strategy

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Indicative Usage of Funds

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The Team

Wong Loke Suan

Wong Loke Suan



S. Arumugam


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