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Fefifo (/fee-fai-fo/) is a technology-first Co-farming company, that focuses on empowering a new generation of progressive farmers in ASEAN by providing traditional smallholder farmers and young agriculture graduates with ready-to-farm spaces and technologies to kickstart a modern farming business.

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In view of the global COVID-19 crisis, Fefifo is offering a 50% discount on its pre-money valuation for its ECF investors, with a minimum investment of only RM 3,000. See below for more details.


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Fefifo is born of an audacious vision - to be a technology-first food producer, making healthy food accessible to everyone.

Our mission is to make sustainable, profitable smallholder farming commonplace throughout South East Asia, where smallholders grow much of the food Asia consumes, yet are in the bottom 40% (B40) of the income pyramid. 

Like the giant beanstalk that grew from magic beans to reach the golden egg beyond the clouds, Fefifo is an Impact Enterprise (granted Social Enterprise status by the Ministry of Entrepreneur Development) that seeks to transform the B40 smallholder farmers into Agropreneurs and lift them up the income pyramid.


Fefifo Introduction


What We Do

The Challenge

  • 80% of the food Asia consumes are produced by smallholder farmers with 65% of those smallholder farmers today set to retire in 15 years. By 2030, there will likely not be enough smallholder farmers to produce food for the world population. Traditional farming methods are no longer sufficient, not sustainable and not profitable enough to attract the next generation.

  • The interests of smallholder farmers are neglected in the current economy due to the limited knowledge of modern farming techniques, lack of scale, high capital expenditure and the tendency to be exploited by middlemen. As a result, contract buyers which buy 60% of all smallholder produce suffer from inconsistent supply and quality, risking their reputation when things go wrong.

  • There are no breakthroughs in AgriTech whilst many AgriTech solutions in the market often do not address lower income smallholder farmers and focus primarily on only a portion of the Agri-value chain that is accessible only by large Agri-businesses.



Our Solution

Fefifo Co-Farming
  • Fefifo’s Co-farming model provides modern, ready-to-farm space as a service, thus allowing smallholder farmers and young unemployed Agri-graduates to start their own commercial farming business with zero Capital Expenditure (CAPEX) whilst giving them access to modern Agri-science, technology and training.

  • Fefifo offers its ‘Agropreneurs’ access to its network of established partnerships across the entire Agri-value chain from input suppliers to guaranteed buyers, along with stable and attractive returns.

  • Fefifo’s proprietary technology and Standardised Operating Procedures (SOPs), digitalises the entire seed-to-sale process whilst maximising operations and yield through pre-curated crop portfolios, farm financial governance, community knowledge and support, and harvest accountability and transparency.

Why Are We Different

Fefifo is the first-mover in solving smallholder issues as a value chain:


We turn modern farming from a high CAPEX game to pure OPEX play with guaranteed crop buy back from buyers that Fefifo pre-establish.

Agropreneurs only need to pay “Farmspace-as-a-service” rental fees to get access to expensive modern farming infrastructure and crop systems and profit share, not revenue share, with us. This way we align our interests with our Agropreneurs – only when they are successful that Fefifo is successful.

Fefifo 1

Proper in-farm roads | Drainage | Rain harvesting | Solar power | Accommodation for workers and Agropreneurs | Storage facilities | Packing & Delivery Centres | Leisure facilities & more!




Risk management is top priority at Fefifo, ensuring that we are not just a purveyor of physical space or technology.





Our digital platform DDFN, short for “Digital Distributed Farms Network”, is designed to help solve the many problems faced by smallholder farmers and contract farm buyers by standardising farming procedures and digitalising farm management processes across a distributed network of farms.

Fefifo DDFN


Using our DDFN digital platform and farm space design to solve traditional smallholder farm problems.

Our Revenue Model

Fefifo’s core revenue is Farmspace-as-a-Service (FSaaS) rental fees and Crop sale profit sharing.

Revenue Model

Our Market Opportunity

ASEAN is home to a multi-billion agriculture sector dominated by rural farming for us to serve.


ASEAN Agriculture Sector Value

Agriculture Sector

Market Opportunity

Fefifo Market Opp

Contract farming dominates private farming and is widely promoted by governments.


Human Capital Opportunity

Fefifo Market Opp

Despite urbanisation trends, SEA’s rural pop will remain sizeable with rural pop % above global average.


Source: ASEAN Statistical Highlights 2018, ASEAN.org; The Global Economy 2017 Share of Agriculture; Euromonitor 2018; World Bank Group; ADB Institute; FAO.org United Nations – Contract Farming Resource Centre; UN Population Division 2018; UN Household Size & Composition Around The World 2017; Monitor Deloitte Analysis

Our Strategy

5 to 50 acres in 2 years

50 Acre Land Split Land Split Greenhouse Farming Open Farming
Highland 30% 100% 0%
Lowland 70% 40% 60%

50-Acre Crop Split


Fefifo’s 10 year South East Asia plan towards an IPO exit

Fefifo Revenue


Revenue Growth Levers


Year 4-5:


Per acre Crop Revenue x2 from Yr 3.

Growth drivers:


Higher highland split and higher greenhouse split on lowland Novel crop system redesign


Push off consumer brand direct to grocers in some countries (premium pricing)


Expanding portfolio with more lucrative signature produce


Some advance Agtech (chemicals/nutrients, greenhouse innovation, e.g. film)

Year 6-8:


Per acre Crop Revenue x3 from Yr 3.

Growth drivers:


More advance Agtech (seed variants, chemicals/nutrients, precision farming, automation, greenhouse innovation etc.)


Some export market opportunities


Beginnings of advanced applicability for big data for optimising crop SOP and space design


Member fees increase by 30% from Yr 3.


Rationale: With increase in crop sale by at least 3x, we expect to be able to raise member fees by at least 30%

Year 9 onwards:


Pre acre Crop Revenue x 4 from Yr 3.

Growth drivers:


Sufficient portfolio and geographical footprint to fully take advantage of export market


Sufficient data for advanced applicability of big data to reap benefits and optionality for Fefifo into other business lines (fintech for smallholders)


Member fees increase by 50% from Yr 3.


Rationale: With increase in crop sale by at least 4x, we expect to be able to raise member fees by at least 30%



5 Year DCF with Terminal Growth Valuation Method1, of Fefifo Co-farming YoY Scaling Plan


  Y1 Y2 Y3 Y4 Y5 Y6 Y7 Y8 Y9 Y10
Co-farming Acreage
(Prod. Acreage)
25 ac.
(20 ac.)
50 ac.
(37 ac.)
100 ac.
(72 ac.)
150 ac.
(108 ac.)
200 ac.
(144 ac.)
250 ac.
(180 ac.)
300 ac.
(216 ac.)
350 ac.
(252 ac.)
400 ac.
(288 ac.)
450 ac.
(324 ac.)
EBIT Adjusted Free Cashflow (FCFF) (RM1.54m) RM213k RM1.66m RM5.19m RM7.42m RM15.44m RM19.30m RM18.80m RM32.47m RM42.02m
Present Value RM164k RM985k RM2.37m RM2.61m RM4.18m WACC2: 29.8% Discount Rate
PV of Terminal RM16.06m Perpetual growth rate: 3%
Net Present Value  RM26.37m Pre-money Valuation



1 DCF Model developed with Impact Investment Exchange (IIX)
2 WACC = (Risk Free Rate + (Beta x Country Risk Premium) + Country Risk Premium + Size Premium) x (1+Illiquidity Premium) = (1.9% + (0.89% x 6%) + 1.7% + 15%) x (1+25%);
Source: Bloomberg, NYU Stern, Jan 2019



Further Discount Off Pre-money Valuation

Pre-money Valuation
(>50% OFF)
+Equity Crowdfunding Post-money Valuation Equity Stake in Fefifo Malaysia
RM 13m +RM 4.5m RM 17.5m 25.25%

Indicative Usage of Funds

Funding Allocation for First RM4.5m

Use of Funds

Fund Raise Tranche 1

First milestone of Minimum Plot Size - RM4.5m

  • 5 acres lowland farmspaces in Rantau, Negeri Sembilan
  • 2-3 Agropreneurs (Rock Melon, Chilli), signed LOIs
  • DDFN 1.0 build



Our Achievements

MAR 2019 – Founded in Singapore, Fefifo Pte Ltd

MAY 2019 – Startup in Malaysia, Fefifo Malaysia Sdn Bhd - RM1.1m Paidup Capital

JUN 2019 – MOU signed with Crops for the Future Research Centre (CFF) for collaboration in R&D technology, application, transfer and training

DEC 2019 – MOU signed with Green World Genetics (GWG) for Guaranteed Buy-back program

APR – DEC 2019 

  • Secured Angel funding – RM1.05m 

  • Secured corporate investment – RM1.2m

  • Secured key suppliers’ investment (Greenhouse supplier, Agri-space developer) – RM600k cash equivalent

JAN 2020 – Secured endorsement from International Pepper Community to develop modern and sustainable pepper farms

FEB 2020 – Secured 15 (+6) year lease for 18.3 acres privately owned land plot for Pilot farm in Rantau, Negeri Sembilan

MAY 2020 – Granted Social Enterprise status, acknowledged by the Ministry of Entrepreneur Development of Malaysia


  • LOIs signed by 7 Agropreneurs

  • Partnerships with universities to access Agri-graduates, and to develop data science applications in A.I./machine learning, around farm performance and smallholder access to microloans and crop insurance

  • Fund raising through Impact Investment Exchange (IIX), supported up to RM24m

  • Fund raising through Ata Plus' equity crowdfunding platform, supported up to RM4.5m


Linkedin Logo

Follow Fefifo on LinkedIn for more on-going updates


The Team

Kelveen Soh

Kelveen Soh

Co-Founder & CEO

19 year entrepreneur. Co-founded Yolk (a regional digital agency) in 2001, built and scaled across SEA, sold to the world's largest communications group (WPP network) in 2011 and recently exited in 2018. Served as CEO of Grey Digital (Regional) and Chief Strategy & Digital Officer of Grey Malaysia. Business mentor and advisor to regional conversational A.I. startup.

Chris Fong

Chris Fong

Co-Founder & Chief Innovation & Strategic Growth Officer

13 years of deep expertise in business and technology consulting, process design and re-engineering, building business lines and practices for top tier institutions (KPMG, PwC, global and regional financial institutions). MSc in Technopreneurship and Innovation from NTU. Alumni of deep tech startup builder and accelerator, Entreprenur First.

Low Jun Jek

Low Jun Jek

Co-Founder & Chief Brand & Product Officer

19 Year entrepreneur. Co-founded Yolk with Kelveen, built scaled and sold the regional digital agency to WPP network. Served as Grey Digital's Executive Creative Director for 7 years post acquisition. Award winning creator of innovative tech-related ideas, digital brands and products. Invited to multiple international design award judging panels.

Alex Lee

Alex Lee

Country Manager & Agricultural Operations

Executive turned Agropreneur. Over 20 years in managing international brands & business accounts, decorated with multiple marketing awards and honours. 5 years of hands-on experience in farm business planning to farm operations, selling agri-inputs, setting up own modern farm systems, greenhouses and managed entire tomato farm operations with Vincent for over 3 years. Certified in Modern Fertigation Systems & Smart Irrigation.

Vincent Teh

Vincent Teh

Chief Grower & Agricultural Operations

Over 10 years in Agriculture industry, hailing from one of the largest farms in Cameron Highlands. A passionate grower with deep knowledge on growing a variety of highland and lowland crops. Planned and setup farms from greenhouse to open farming across Selangor, Perak, Pahang, Kelantan. Extensive network across entire value chain from farming inputs to logistics to market access. Pioneer in commercial implementation of smart irrigation systems in Malaysia.

Chris Soh

Chris Soh

Chief Real Estate Development Officer

A decade of experience in real estate development, construction, planning and project management, including recently launched and much sought after low-density Ari Permaisuri, Akasia, Rumbia, Ixora and other boutique mixed developments in Klang Valley.

Nanthakkumar Siva

Nanthakkumar Siva

Chief Technology Officer

Over 15 years of deep expertise in big data mining, advanced modeling, and advanced analytics for transformative data-driven intelligence that impact of across operations, global supply chain, finance, inventory, IoT, and automating predictive machine learning forecasts.



Endorsed By A Strong Advisory Panel

Agricultural Science

Dr. Sayed Azam Ali

Dr. Sayed Azam-Ali

CEO, Crops For The Future
Research Center

Agri-business Finance

Yoong Wei Chien

Yoong Wei Chien, CPA

APAC Audit Lead, Cargill
& Ex-FC of Honeywell

Legal Counsel /
Agri-Science & Tech IP

Izwan Zakaria

Izwan Zakaria

Managing Partner,
Izwan & Partners

Open Innovation & AgriTech
Ecosystem Advisor

Adam Lyle

Adam Lyle

Executive Chairman,
Padang & Co



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50% Off


In view of the global COVID-19 crisis, Fefifo is offering a 50% discount on its pre-money valuation for its ECF investors, with a minimum investment of only RM 3,000. Click the button below to invest now.


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