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GoApe is an AI-driven delivery platform that provides eco friendly sustainable solutions to the F&B world by using electric bikes, resulting in cost-effective alternatives and reduction of CO2 emission.

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In our multi-cultural Malaysia, our Food & Beverage sector brings in annual growth of 7.6%. In view of this booming F&B sector, there comes the opportunity for online delivery. Changes in city consumers lifestyle that focuses on convenience has led to this rapid growth of online delivery market.

Major online delivery platforms such as Food Panda and Grab dominate the online delivery market. Other players such as Dah Makan, Deliver Eat and others joins the market contributing to the revenue of USD$91 million in 2018 with 3.1 million users.

What We Do

The Challenge

Our study has shown that the issues discovered in the F&B industry can be divided into two categories: the conventional restaurants and online delivery platform. In the conventional restaurant, food pricing depends heavily on the pricing for raw ingredients. The exploitation in the farmers market leads to increment on raw materials and this is not beneficial to the farmers, thus affecting restaurants operation in terms of costing and consumers at large as they now have to pay more to get their food. 

In the realm of delivery platform, the first thing that came to mind is customer satisfaction. Many F&B outlet and online delivery platform losses customers due to long queue and waiting time. Dissatisfactions and disappointment are two major factors leading to the failure of an online delivery platform. Secondary issue that affects online delivery platform is reasonable pricing. The exorbitant pricing of food displayed on the platform deters customers from placing order.

Below charts all major challenges faced in both the F&B industry and online delivery platform.

  • Too many restaurants

  • Bad food quality

  • Difficult to secure parking

  • Hot/Rainy weather

  • Costly raw material

  • Long queue at restaurant

  • Over-crowded at restaurant

  • Inconvenience (logistics & location)

  • Lack of time

According to a report on Malaysia Online Food Delivery Market, ease of use and on-time delivery are the most important criteria in online delivery platforms achieving consumer satisfaction. The food delivery service is always late and unreliable. In the graph below, you will find the current comments on food delivery platform from customers.

No Food Delivery Platform Comments Reasons
1 foodpanda Late deliveries and cancellation of orders Weather, delay in payment processing, overwhelming of order
2 GrabFood Late deliveries Delivery rescheduling due to heavy downpour, multiple food orders

Sourced from:
1. http://www.rojakdaily.com/lifestyle/article/3846/we-try-to-find-out-why-the-food-delivery-service-in-malaysia-is-so-horrible
2. https://www.ecinsider.my/2018/02/food-delivery-companies-malaysia.html

Food Delivery Complaints


As shown above, Malaysians are dissatisfied with the online delivery service providers as they could not keep up with the orders and their systems are flawed.

There are more F&B establishments today compared to 10 years ago. The growth rate is between 7-10%[5]. On Malaysian government website, there is a total of 167,490 establishments operated in F&B services in 2017 as compared to 130,570 establishments in 2010[6]. By taking 5.1% growth rate as a base for calculation, there should be around 180,000 establishments in the F&B industry to date. So, why aren’t these outlets start online delivery services? They all face the same problem as follows:



Complication and lack of cost in setting up online delivery platform

Rider fee

High rider fees

Restaurant Commission

High commission fees from existing online delivery platforms


Lack of riders


At this point, there are at least 70 percent of conventional restaurants that has not explored online delivery services.


Our Solution

Advantages of using GoApe:

Guaranteed Delivery Time

Guaranteed Delivery Time using our in-house built GoApe app and website

User Friendly

User friendly app with interactive app

Reasonable Pricing

Reasonable pricing for food and beverage

Available Delivery Hours

Available delivery hours from 7am to 3am


Reducing CO2 emissions


Reduce food pricing by helping farmers to direct supply to restaurants

By using upgraded and well-researched data, GoApe app provides good food quality at a reasonable pricing with a user interactive interface. How does the app works? Customer places order on GoApe app, GoApe processes their order using advanced technology analytics, directs the orders to GoApe's nearest onsite delivery staff to fulfil the orders using zero-pollution and low-noise electric bikes. We target our order-to-delivery time gap to be less than 15mins. GoApe app is also able to recommend quality and affordable F&B to our customers, including hidden F&B gems out there.


In GoApe, back-end data analytics and artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities created by GoApe teams aims to develop meaningful insights from the customers' data to better reach out to existing and new customers, as well improving operational effectiveness and efficiency that is estimated to cut OPEX by at least 20% as compared to conventional delivery platforms.

Why Are We Different

Guaranteed Delivery Time

In-house customised built app

GoApe owns the app’s copyright and trademark

User Friendly

Guaranteed delivery time

GoApe guarantees delivery time using GoApe’s customised system and technology.

Reasonable Pricing

Reasonable pricing

GoApe does not mark-up pricing in the restaurant

Available Delivery Hours

Shorter waiting time

More orders delivered using GoApe system in shorter time frame



Electric bike saves cost and resolves issue on lack of riders


Up the food value chain

Helps to reduce bureaucracy among farmers and help reduce food price in restaurants


Our Revenue Model


No Business Model Price Target Market
B2C F&B Online Delivery Platform From RM5 onwards Klang Valley, Penang, Johor Bahru
B2B Merchant Engagement Commission-based Merchants in Klang Valley, Penang, Johor Bahru
B2B Farmers Engagement Processing Fees Farmers in urban Selangor and Wilayah Persekutuan


Revenue Model


Revenue Model


Our Market Opportunity

Food delivery market size in Malaysia is one of the fastest growing sectors in the market with it growing to annual revenue of USD$956 million by year 2020. In addition to that, a study done by Chua, Adeline & Harn, Phaik & Khatibi, Ali & Ismail, Hishamuddin, the main reason why people shop online is due to convenience and time saving at 78 percent, while pricing and selection falls into second spot at 51 percent and 43 percent respectively for the reason of shopping online .

A more conservative calculation from Statista’s online delivery report revealed that the revenue for the existing online delivery market in Malaysia for 2018 has hit USD$91 million with 3.1 million users with annual growth of 39.6 percent . By taking this growth, in less than 5 years, the revenue is expected to grow to USD$254 million by year 2023.

From the statistics provided by the Malaysian government, last year, there are a total of 15.3 million online shoppers in Malaysia. Malaysian government is committed to promote e-commerce and GoApe platform is right on dot with the government’s initiative. 

In 2018, the online delivery services hits 3.1 million users. By taking the number of online shoppers in Malaysia, of which is 16.53 million, there is still plenty of room for online delivery services to grow with 10.33 millions of online users untapped. This is a huge market segment that has a lot of potential to grow.


Market Opportunity


Our Strategy


Road Map


Our Achievements



Indicative Usage of Funds

Use of Funds



50 percent of the funds will be used to develop and expand the app technology.

Working Capital

30 percent of the funds will be used for the operations of the team.


20 percent of the funds will be used for branding, marketing and publicity purposes.

The Team

Sherly Tan

Sherly Tan

Co-Founder & CEO

Dexter Tan

Dexter Tan

Co-Founder & CMO

Galdvin Chang

Dato' Galdvin Chang

Merchant Liaison Director

Simon Loi

Dato' Sri Simon Loi

App Development Director

Term Sheet

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