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Greenpro A.I. Accounting is providing a Revolutionary Accounting Solution to SME, leveraging on A.I. Technology and IBM Cloud to provide a one-stop accounting service that is simple, quick, and cost saving. Investment Highlights:

  1. Solid Exit Plan Within A Year. By the end of the crowdfunding campaign, Greenpro Capital Corp (NASDAQ:GRNQ) will acquire this company and all the share issued as Redeemable Preference Share (The Shares held by the holder shall be redeemed at a value based on the Investment Amount multiplied by 120%)

  2. Market Validation. The product already exists in the market shown the feasibility of the product in the market. Moreover, there was already 500+ clients in Hong Kong proven the acceptance of the market toward the product is positive. The product also been awarded ‘Leader of Innovation 2019’ awarded by Hong Kong Corp Hub for the outstanding performance.

  3. Experienced Management Team. The management team are from industry experts and solid background with over 30 years experience in the profession. Plus, one of the director also the CEO of Greenpro Capital Corp (NASDAQ:GRNQ).

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Our journey started in Hong Kong in 2003, under the brand name City Accounting to solve the accounting problems arise in the busyness in a city. In 2003, after the outbreak of SARS in Hong Kong, all of the business operations had to force to stop in order to prevent any physical contact that will worsen the situation.

By 2005, starting from Cloud Accounting and evolved to A.I. Cloud Accounting was developed by the professional accountants from Malaysia, Australia, United Kingdom, Hong Kong and together with Big Data Analyst and A.I. expertise.

The aims of the solution are to break the traditional accounting so to help the SME able to achieve efficiency, economical, and effectiveness. Now, everyone can do full set accounting with just snap or scan the invoice without the need of purchase the software or accounting personnel.



What We Do

The Challenge

Problem Statement


Our Solution



The process flow is as following: 

1. Receipt: The business owner just needs to snap or scan the receipt or document by using their mobile device or scanner. 

2. Record: The business record will send to our Accountant Intelligence Centre for data processing. 

3. Report: The business owner able to export or access the full set accounting via his or her electronic device such as mobile or tablet anytime and anywhere. 

Greenpro A.I. Accounting requires only a minimal initial investment cost will let the SME save up to 90% of their accounting cost, the service is reliable, user friendly, and practically use to the SMEs.


Once the SME engaged with us, they will be able to:


No longer need to purchase Accounting Software or Hiring Accounting Personnel. You click the button now, GreenPro A.I. Accounting will do the rest!



By just taking the photo or scanning of the invoice, you can get your full set financial report in your electronic device.



Now, the SME can have more time to focus on their business development. The accountant or admin clerk can upgrade their role become reviewer to advise on the business performance.


Upskilling The Accounting Industry


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Why Are We Different


Market Comparison




The A.I. Cloud Based Accounting Solution is the Revolutionary Accounting that will bring positive destructive effect to the industry. It is not only providing positive results such as high cost effectiveness and high degree automation as it reduces significant of manpower in handling of every accounting tasks and also able to help the business immediately save up to 90% cost of every accounting jobs.

Our Revenue Model

Revenue Model


Our Market Opportunity

Market Opportunity

Source: SME Corporation Malaysia


Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) have been facing many sustainability issues despite having competitive products or services offered at attractive pricing schemes. 

By following the study from SME Corporation Malaysia, there are total of 886,453 out of 907,065 SMEs establishments from Small and Microenterprises and total of 89.2% of them are actually from services sector which are best suit for our solution.

As across Malaysia’s market there are several accounting system providers are serving the local SME’s however, for A.I. Accounting Solution there are the whole new accounting concept and this indicates that the business is scalable to penetrate any saturated or untapped market. This is due to the uniqueness of the product itself and also our digital partnership model to act as the accelerator in penetrating the market. 


Our Strategy

Go-To Market


The company aims to replicate the SaaS model and operate as the same as other players did. It is proven high successful penetration rate and longer customer lifetime value compared the others. 

The entire go to market strategy of the company is from Business to Business to Consumer (B2B2C). Thus, the company wants to find a sustainable and efficient customer acquisition channel to further growth in the current market. There’s where the Digital Partnership Program come from and the company able to continually strive for delivering value to the customers. 

For the first phase of the go-to-market strategy will be focusing in creating the awareness by using in house Email Marketing strategy and Telemarketing to our most loyal and active customers. The purpose of this is to get the brand advocates users to order before anyone else. Next, in order to drive more traffic and leads externally, the company is leveraging in Key Opinion Leader (KOL) in the industry with their influencer power to spread out the words and further strengthen the message. 

Secondly, the company is planning to work hand in hand with the SMPs and also the association in the strategic collaboration for the referral program in launching the product to the market. Thus, the partners will introduce the product to their SMEs clients or their network in hand via their omni-channel market strategy like Webinar, Trade shows and Events, and others. By having the support from our digital partners, we believe this able to accelerate the speed for market acquisition and it will be more effectively. 

Indicative Usage of Funds

Use of Funds


The Team

CK Lee

C.K Lee

Co-Founder & Director

Samson Chow

Samson Chow

Co-Founder & Director

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