SAGFOOD (MALAYSIA) SDN BHD (SAGFOOD) is a food and beverages (F&B) company that understands the fast-paced world of modern people who are used to online ordering, instant fast food delivery and also want value quality food!

With these principles, the Grill Box by SAGFOOD was launched in June 2021 with 3 kiosks to date and achieved its target of selling 10,000 sets of Grill Boxes meals within 3 months with 2 operational kiosks at the time.

A Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) has been signed between the company and AEON Mall as part of its expansion plan to have 52 locations within 36 months. With the goals of strengthening its position in the F&B industry, aiming for locations in major malls across Malaysia and having its presence in the rest of SouthEast Asia.

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SAGFOOD (MALAYSIA) SDN BHD (SAGFOOD) was incorporated in 2021 as a food and beverages company and began its operations under the name Sagfood Express. Subsequently, the company decided to rebrand its kiosk concept business to Grill Box by SAGFOOD to meet its expansion plans, strategic goals and to coincide with its corporate branding change.

For SAGFOOD, understanding consumer behaviour is essential in putting together the key elements of its F&B business, the Grill Box by SAGFOOD. We live in the fast-paced world of modern people who are used to online ordering, instant fast food delivery and they also want value quality food! These have been the guiding principles in putting together the business plan for its F&B business services.

Thus, “Satisfying Your Taste Buds” with quality balanced food is the principle of the Grill Box by SAGFOOD while providing a full meal at an affordable price for everyone.


Outlet Location

Sagfood - Introduction


Launched in June 2021 with 3 kiosks to date, Grill Box by SAGFOOD achieved its target of selling 10,000 set meals within 3 months with 2 operational kiosks at the time. The 3 kiosks are located at strategically identified shopping malls:


Sagfood - United Points


United Point Shopping Mall (Kepong) - located south of Kepong which comprises 3 blocks with a total 2,509 of residential units built on top of the shopping mall with a soon-to-be-built KTM Komuter station.

Sagfood - Sphere


The Sphere (Bangsar South) - within the enclave of Bangsar South integrated development lifestyle hub of boutique offices and 2,600 units of upmarket residential development.

Sagfood - Sunway


Sunway Velocity Mall (Cheras) in a highly dense Cheras township, easily accessible through major roads and highways, the development is well serviced by public transportation including 1 LRT and 2 MRTs. Kiosk under renovation and will open in December, 2021.

Grill Box by Sagfood

Grill Box by SAGFOOD aims to be the first Malaysian brand known for a Convenient Affordable Balanced Full Meal food kiosk chain.

SAGFOOD has developed and rolled out the Grill Box by SAGFOOD kiosks and are now in operation. The company strives to serve its 2 largest target markets of consumers; online, and offline customers which are achieved to have locations in shopping malls with captured consumer markets, by choosing strategic shopping malls and identifying their kiosk located within the shopping mall.

In the next 3 years, as part of the company business plan is to roll out 52 malaysia kiosks within 23 Klang Valley and has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with AEON Mall to be part of AEON Food Court future programmes. The company plans to open outlets in major malls throughout Malaysia, and expand into other countries starting with Thailand & Indonesia then the rest of SouthEast Asia.


Grill Box Products

The brand Grill Box is fully owned by SAGFOOD. The Grill Box aims to become HALAL certified and accepted by all Malaysians.

Increasingly, the trend nowadays as customers are paying more attention to their health, and healthy food has become a priority for customers in choosing the food they want to consume. The GrillBox company offers a quality menu to fulfil the needs of the customers in terms of healthy food choices. As part of the service to meet customers' demand, Grill Box by SAGFOOD makes it a priority to provide customers with a quality menu as part of its health-conscious service to meet their needs.

Our philosophy at Grill Box by SAGFOOD is to sell tasty, quality balanced full meals with fast service and convenience. Grill Box offers a wide variety of grill and fried meals with a balance of quality ingredients at an affordable price.


Sagfood - Grill box 1


Sagfood - Food 4


What We Do

The Challenge

In the Malaysia market, most food and beverage kiosks sold fast food, simple snacks, or just milk tea (beverage). Currently, there are no "full meal" food kiosks available in the F&B kiosk market.

Our Solution

Sagfood - Solution 1


Our Grill Box by SAGFOOD will solve this market gap by providing a quality balanced full meal at an affordable price. The selling points will be wholesome, our solution primarily focuses on offering Affordable Fast Convenient Balanced Full Meal Set from our food kiosk!

Sagfood - Solution 2


Compared to the current F&B market, if the consumer would like to have a full meal instead of a Tidbits meal, there is no choice for them, but Grill Box by SAGFOOD has brought the Hawker Restaurant Meal into the shopping centres and developed as a Food Kiosk.

Sagfood - Solution 3


In order to satisfy the needs of customers., this product is convenient and we are making it available to them. It will make it easier for those who would like to have a balanced meal to get it conveniently. The trend nowadays is increasingly paying attention to our health, and choosing quality foods is becoming a priority for customers.

Why Are We Different

Compared to the current market, there are very few healthy meal food kiosks where consumers can select quality and balanced meals. We are a unique food kiosk company in the country that sells balanced and quality meals. The balanced meals that we are offering comprise a combination of meat and green vegetables, which together serve as a well balanced full meal. Grill Box by SAGFOOD is the simple option for everyone where full meal options are available in a fast, convenient and quick!



Sagfood - Affordability



Grill Box by SAGFOOD targets selling at affordable prices but the best quality food. Compared to the current market, Grill Box by SAGFOOD's pricing level is 20% lower than the market competitors. The company's strategic direction is to open food kiosks in order to lower rental and overhead expenses, which reduces overhead costs for the company and benefits the customers. The reduction will be passed on to the customers as savings which help lower the selling price of the food.

Sagfood - Convenient



Grill Box By SAGFOOD food kiosks are set to open in every shopping mall to achieve our slogan "Get your Box Anytime, Anywhere". In today’s society and our present busy world, fast food and convenient foods are much more accepted by consumers, as they are fast and convenient because they have become so readily available. Fast and good food are very important to most people. The current hectic lifestyle these days contributes a lot to the need for people needing a quick and tasty meal to handle their busy schedules.


Our Revenue Model

Our revenue is from the sales of Grill Box by SAGFOOD and products are strategically priced 20% below the F&B market industry, hence making Grill Box by SAGFOOD highly attractive and affordable for a broad range of consumers.


Sales of  2,500 sets per month = 83 meal sets per day.

Average selling price @ RM15 per set meal

Revenue per Kiosk will be RM 37,500.00

Profit margin of F&B @ 50% of Gross Profit, Grill Box is determined the same with Gross Profit = RM18,800

Kiosk Overhead @ RM10K = 28% of Revenue

Net Profit = RM8,000.00 per outlet


Grill Box by SAGFOOD targeted to open 15 outlets in the next 12 months.

RM8,000.00 X 15 Outlets = RM120,000.00 per month X 12

= RM 1,440,000.00 per year Net Profit


Financial Projection Overview

Sagfood - Financial Projection


Our Market Opportunity

Currently, there is no similar “Full Set Healthy Meal” Food Kiosk in the market which is affordable and convenient. GrillBox is the first brand that's selling these Meals in Shopping Mall Foodkiosk .

No direct competition, there are F&B kiosk concept businesses but none the same as the business model SAGFOOD is providing. Hence, there’s an opportunity gap where Grill Box by SAGFOOD is serving these customers who want a quick and fast quality balanced meal. The company believed that it could achieve a large market share because the Grill Box by SAGFOOD is also affordable and value for money.

According to a new report by Food Industry Asia (FIA) and research firm IGD, 99 percent Malaysians are interested in maintaining a healthy diet and are actively trying to improve their consumption habits, however, a significant majority (71 per cent) identified cost as a key barrier to achieving a healthy diet. Grill Box by SAGFOOD is a great option for Malaysians.

Our Strategy

Grill Box by SAGFOOD has developed plans to reach its overall goals, the planning is separated into phases. This allows the company to track immediate improvements while evaluating progress toward eventual goals and targets. The different time frames of the planning process place the focus on time-sensitive aspects of the company's structure and environment which gives the company the advantage and flexibility of planning based on the time frames of the inputs aimed to achieve the expected outcomes.


Sagfood - Short Term


Short Term Strategy

Short-term strategy focus at the characteristics market audience, Grill Box By SAGFOOD’s outlets have strategic locations within identified consumer markets, offering convenient access to customers both offline and online, in addition to affordable prices.

Sagfood - Long term


Middle to Long Term Strategy

For the company's long term strategy, sales growth and expansion will be the primary focus of Grill Box By SAGFOOD. This will include increasing towards a larger customer base, expanding the number of outlets, and expanding the geographical coverage.

The middle to long term strategy is currently in motion, the company has in place a strategic partnership and signed an MOU with AEON Mall, where Grill Box By SAGFOOD will be in AEON Malls 52 locations within Malaysia in 36 months. These strategic partnerships set the stage for addressing more comprehensively long term strategy.

Our Achievements

Sagfood - Milestone


Indicative Usage of Funds


Sagfood - Usage Of Funds


The Team

Sagfood - Kevin

Kevin Ng Chen Lok

Founder - Managing Director

Sagfood - Avon

Avon Yong

Co-Founder - Executive Director

Term Sheet

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