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Lewré is Asia’s leading bespoke footwear brand offering highly customised creations which feature glamorous designs and the attention to detail only offered by those at the height of luxury. Founded in 1997, Lewré has garnered international recognition for its commitment to excellence in design and as a pioneer in the footwear industry, going as far as being endorsed as Malaysia’s royal couturier and brand.

Under the artistic direction of renowned designer, Dato' Lewré Lew, the brand aims to extend its flair for luxury beyond the footwear industry.


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Founded by renowned designer and couturier, Dato’ Lewré Lew Fong Voon, in 1997, Lewré has won multiple awards and has gained recognition over the years for its excellence in design and masterful crafting. This prestigious homegrown brand is the proud recipient of the Putra Brand “SME Brand of the Year” Award 2011 and was named “Brand of the Year – Fashion Shoes Category” in 2016 by the World Branding Forum UK. Dato’ Lewré has personally attended to and designed footwear for Kate Middleton, Duchess of York, and members of the Malaysian Royal Family. Lewré aims to be at the forefront of bespoke footwear and to lead the fashion industry to new heights.


What We Do

The Challenge

Currently, the only option available to customers are ready-to-wear shoes. The footwear industry is faced with a large shortage of footwear makers that are capable to fulfill ever increasing customers’ demand, particularly for high heeled shoes. The demand for customisation and bespoke services is largely overlooked by industry players. As a result of the rarity of craftsmanship and designer skills required, there exist very few bespoke shoemakers worldwide to fill this gap. Very few players in the bespoke footwear industry possess the expertise, craftsmanship and skills required to capitalise on this market opportunity.


Our Solution

Since its inception, Lewré Bespoke boutique has worked relentlessly to deliver the best possible personalised footwear to their clientele. Lewré Bespoke strives to be at the forefront of personalised and exclusive footwear. Lewré Bespoke delivers excellence in design and masterfully crafted products to its customers. Our target customers are Branded Bespoke segment as we believe our brand positioning into one of the best Royal Couturier Bespoke Brand as "A shoe made personally for you".


Why Are We Different

Influential and loyal clientele. The Lewré Bespoke boutique serves an influential and loyal clientele, including celebrities and members of the Malaysian royal families.

Reputable branding. Our focus on reputable branding for Lewré Bespoke has allowed us to diversify into many other luxury good businesses, such as gourmet F&B franchising and brand licensing.

Growing demand in Asia. As one of the very few bespoke shoe designers in Asia, we have positioned ourselves to fulfill the increasingly high demand in the Asian market for designer products and bespoke series.

IP technology. The development of our 3D footwear IP technology prototype would allow for massive scaling of Lewré Bespoke services and carry the business model to the next level.

Strategic partners. Engaging with key reputable and influential partners like private banking, high net worth clubs, etc.


Sultanah Kalsom of Pahang, Datuk Lew, Puan Sri Shariffa

Dato Lew with Sultanah Kalsom and Puan Sri Shariffa at the launch of 2017 collection, Gorgeous Lush


Our History

Dato’ Lew started shoes business in the year 1987. In 1991, Dato’ Lew’s shoes caught the attention of the Minister of International Trade and Industry (MITI), YB Dato Seri Rafidah Aziz and since encouraged Dato’ Lew to venture into the international market with the help of MATRADE. His products were launched into the international arena by exhibiting in GDS Shoe Fair in Dusseldorf, Germany in 1991. For many years, Dato’ Lew‘s shoes were custom-made for designers such as Arkadius, Ben de Lisi, Jasper Conran and Dexter Wong.  Ever since then, there was in increasing demand for his shoes both locally and internationally.
Dato’ Lew launched his self-name brand Lewré in 1997. Lewré has worked with designers such as Eric Way (UK), Albert King (Malaysia), Kai (Thailand), Melinda Looi (Malaysia) and many other designers around the globe. Dato’ Lew places the utmost importance to the quality of the products. Hence, Lewré was accorded the ISO 9001:2003 certification in recognition of its international standard and quality. Consequently Dato Lew focused his efforts on branding and was elected the President of the Branding Association of Malaysia in 2006.
Today, a host of royalties, celebrities and socialites turn to Dato’ Lew for a custom-made pair of Lewré shoes, from celebrities to other members of the royal family. In 2011, Lewré was honored with the Putra Brand SME of the year award and subsequently Brand of the Year Award in 2016 by the World Branding Forum of United Kingdom. Lewré has since upgraded to ISO 9001:2015 to continue commit to the quality of its line of products.


Our Revenue Model

Our Business Structure

In 2016, Lewré Holdings restructured its business, focusing on the bespoke fashion segment and leveraging its prestigious brand for gourmet and licensing business.The two businesses open significant revenue channel, especially for global market expansion.

Lewre Holdings Structureprofit margins


  • Every pair of shoe is personalised to our customers, served at prestigious boutiques, home & office services, and eventually ecommerce O2O (online to offline) platform.

  • Excellent customer retention rate of 80%, acquisition of new clients by word of mouth and referrals.



  • “Nicsmann 1940s by Lewré “ at Menara TREC KL and Starling Mall Damansara Uptown.

  • Future plans to open up more outfits targeting Genting SkyAvenue and other prime shopping malls.



  • With IP rights in 30 countries, Lewré intends to leverage on prestigious branding through licensing programmes, namely Lewré Galleria for fashion & accessories, gourmet, hotel & galleria and others

  • Fees charged on licensing rights and royalties


Our Market Opportunity

Leveraging on the strong and established Lewré brand, the group diversified into gourmet F&B business “Nicsmann 1940s by Lewré”. The number of mergers and acquisitions in the international fashion and luxury sector rose an estimated 30% to 96 in 2016, compared to 75 in 2015, and 89 in 2014.* Lewré’s intellectual property spans across 30 countries globally, and brand presence can easily be expanded and launched seamlessly in accordance to the prospective country’s licensing regulations.


Our Strategy

In 2016, Lewré Holdings restructuring focuses on the bespoke fashion segment and leveraged its prestigious brand for gourmet business. The licensing business will be another significant revenue channel, especially for global market expansion.

We intend to grow our business and achieve profitability by the end of 2018. Our programmes are competitively priced and are adjusted to local currencies and costs- of-living, making our programs more accessible and affordable to everyone.



  • Developing O2O platform for our ecommerce portal.

  • Prototyping 3D footwear IP Technology.

  • Focus on Key Premium partner, e.g. private banking, high net worth club; for market expansion


  • Growing our related Gourmet Business - Nicsmann 1940s by Lewré outfits.

  • Global expansion through licensing programmes



  • Lewré Galleria -Creation of our Iconic Tourist Attraction Building through Bespoke Shoe concept for fashion F&B, hotel, show & concert hotspot.


Our Achievements







Indicative Usage of Funds

Use of Funds


Business Expansion

Injecting resources into growing our gourmet business franchise, Nicsmann 1940s by Lewré, as well as expanding globally through Lewre licensing programmes.

Research and Development

Research and development of Lewre's O2O platform for our e-commerce portal, and the prototyping 3D footwear IP Technology.

Branding and Advertising

New funds will help us engage in stronger marketing initiatives and efforts, focusing on strengthening our Key Premium partnerships, e.g. private banking, high net worth club.


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The Team

Dato Lewre Lew

Dato’ Lewré Lew Fong Voon (D.I.M.P)

Founder, Group Executive Chairman & CEO

Datin Sherry In

Datin Sherry In

Co-Founder & COO

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