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MedPlanner offers the first all-in-one clinical app to manage patients. A platform that facilitates collaboration across clinicians throughout the world to overcome problems faced by the current healthcare communication by using ground-breaking app to improve patient care.

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First-Mover Deal !

Within the first 30 days of the fundraising campaign and/or upon the campaign reaching 25% of its funding target, MedPlanner will reward investors with 10% additional shares from the promoters for all individual investments of RM1,255 and above.



What We Do

The Challenge

Medplanner is solving the problems of healthcare inefficiency arising from poor communication. At the heart of medical provision is team collaboration. Unfortunately, there is no good clinical communication system available. As the result, the impact of poor communication in healthcare can be seen as follows:





80% of medical mistakes and delayed treatments 





60% of medical malpractice 




Medical Establishments

Annual wastage from efficiencies; MYR 75 million in Malaysia


On daily basis, clinicians had to put up with : 

Use of Whatsapp or similar chat apps 

  • insecure for protected health information (PDPA 2010)
  • unable to conduct simultaneous/multiple case discussion risking mistakes
  • auto-download of images can jeopardize career

Archaic patient management structure

  • delays patient care for multiple teams 
  • clinical tasks confined to writing on papers risk loss of information
  • difficulties in tracking patient journey because doctors are mobile

Delays in receiving clinical updates and information

  • long process from information released by Ministry of Health
  • notices from medical directors are not directly received
  • evidence based medicine is poorly cascaded

Reference : 

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Our Solution

Our MedPlanner app provides the following solutions :




Security & Compliance

  • Secure access and cloud storage
  • Fully encrypted to industry standard and use of blockchain technology
  • Capture previously unrecorded information
  • Audit trail of communication




All-in-one Patient Management Tool

  • Multiple and organised concurrent case discussions
  • Easy sharing of results and clinical tasking
  • Tracking patients’ journey 
  • Referral and handover of patients




Clinical Bulletin

  • Urgent notices can be received directly by clinicians
  • Regular health announcement will not be missed
  • New guidelines on treatments can be received quickly
  • Able to share knowledge and discuss clinical subjects

Why Are We Different

  • We are the first all-in-one and comprehensive clinical app to manage patients, built from user feedback.

  • First to fill market gaps in Southeast Asia. 

  • First to incorporate bulletin feature in a clinical messaging app to cascade information from health authorities, organisations and professional bodies. 

  • Medplanner is a second-generation app built from 10 years of research and data collected from early users in the UK.

  • Our UI (User Interface) is truly clinical, sophisticated and relevant for healthcare users, but cleverly designed for ease of use.

  • Our UX (User Experience) comes with augmented tagging and AI (Artificial Intelligence) features to enable speedy patient management and to lower the risk of wrong information.

Our Revenue Model


Our Market Opportunity


Our Strategy

Our growth strategy has core elements which will primarily drive user numbers:

  • Organic Growth
  • Stimulation of Brand Awareness
  • Geographical Expansion

Our most responsive revenue needle comes from organic growth that comes from user invitations into Medplanner. Owing to the virality design of our chat app, we project that organic user acquisition via user-to-user invitations will be grow between 20% to 30% new per month at a deceearsing rate in the first 2 years in a new market. 

Medplanner’s brand personality is shows competence and reliability of our service. We leverage ion the strengths of influencers, usually lead doctors in their areas of expertise or in the or workplace to help us advocate the usage of our app. To date, several doctors from various hospitals who have used our earlier version Hailadoc have expressed their interest in implementing Medplanner as their new patient management tool.


Target Users





Indicative Usage of Funds



We are raising funds for the purpose of further product development and marketing activities. We plan to expand our current headcount of 4 team members to 9 people in 2019 to help facilitate our growth plan.


Road Map



The Team


Dr Ezam Mat Ali

Co-Founder & CEO


Ahmad Fauzi

Co-Founder & CTO


Danil Dahlan

Co-Founder & CGO

Term Sheet

Risk Disclaimer

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