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SAGTEC GROUP SDN BHD (SAG) is an Information Technology Company, focusing on Software Application and System development. SAG’s latest product, ‘Speed+’ is a Cloud-based POS system, catered to optimize orders and sales for F&B and retail businesses across Malaysia, and eventually South East Asia.

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SAGTEC GROUP SDN BHD (“SAG”) was established in 2018 as a software development company. Our mission is to provide customized software development and integration with our hardware to create smart, affordable and high stability technology solutions for businesses owners everywhere. To-date, we have successfully developed more than 15 types of smart / digital software related to table ordering, QR ordering, self-service kiosks and many more. 

Our latest product “Speed+” is a smart cloud-based POS system, designed to address conventional problems faced by F&B and retail business owners when managing their sales transactions, inventories and dealings between their employees and customers. We believe that by leveraging on Speed+ and SAG’s technology, business owners will be able to effectively maximize their day-to-day sales and employee accountability, without having to break the bank!

What We Do

The Challenge

In the current F&B and retail market, there are still more than 70% of business owners who are not utilizing any technologies to manage their daily tasks and sales. Manual ordering and calculations are still the norm, which leads to large room for human error, lack of accountability by staff / employees, and hinders business growth. 


The main reasons why this is the case are because: 



Current POS systems are expensive, costing business owners RM 7,000 to RM 12,000 for just a basic model.


Most conventional POS systems are complex to operate and install, making business owners demotivated to make a change to their old routine.

Limited Features

Features provided by current POS systems are too basic and not comprehensive enough. Important features like sales and item analysis often cost business owners even more to unlock.

Our Solution

Introducing Speed+, a comprehensive, user-friendly POS software catered specifically for business owners in the F&B and retail industry, under an affordable monthly subscription plan.  Cloud-based, all you need is a stable internet connection. 

  1. No complex installation required and simple to operate.

  2.  All features / functions are available without extra charge, such as sales / item analysis , yearly report , cloud storage , remote view / edit etc.


Subscription Based

Business owners do not need to pay a huge sum to purchase a product they are not familiar with. 

From an average of RM 180 per month, business owners will get a Speed+ device installed free of charge and get access to all its features as a service. 






Why Are We Different



With the introduction of our SaaS model, business owners are able utilize Speed+ as a service without having to commit to a huge 1 shot amount. This makes the adoption of Speed+ more cost effective and convenient for business owners to accept.


No hassle or concerns that installation will be difficult. For business owners already running a business, installation does not require complex wiring and will not affect customers. Simple UI / UX software so that anyone can learn to operate the backend and manage their items / reports easily.

Our Revenue Model


All Speed+ products are strategically priced below other competing products (which retail at RM 1000 or higher or with an average monthly subscription of RM 299 or higher). This makes Speed+ highly accessible and affordable for a broad range of business owners based on their spending budget. 


Monthly Subsription

User Monthly Subscription

RM180/month; RM2160/year

This is our main revenue source. SAG has already secured 380 subscribers as its current user base and this is continuing to grow. 

Hardware Device ORP

Hardware Outright Purchase


SAG also sells the Speed+ devices on an ORP basis. This is mainly for business owners who need to customize or add on more features to their device.  


Our Market Opportunity

Current Market Position

Current Market Position

The Current F&B Technologies Industry is valued at RM10 Billion -- a value which is projected to increase exponentially over the course of the next few years, as mobile internet technology continues to grow in popularity and familiarity in the market. 

In Malaysia alone, we have more than 58% of open market in the F&B and retail industry who are not utilizing POS systems. Our primary target customers consist of small to medium F&B outlets and restaurants, food trucks and food stalls. 

Our Strategy

Short Term Strategy 

Enhance current features to increase user efficiency and gain more customers. Eg: table QR scan order, cashless order payment features etc. 

Middle to Long Term Strategy

Increase awareness on the benefits of leveraging on technologies to replace conventional methods of sales management in F&B and retail outlets.

Our Achievements

Since our establishment in 2018, SAG has secured more than 500 subscribers of Speed+, with our revenue in 2019 reaching RM 1.37 million.


Subscriber Increment
Revenue/Gross Profit

Indicative Usage of Funds

Use of Funds


The Team

Kevin Ng Chen Lok

Kevin Ng Chen Lok

Founder & Managing Director

Lee Jiunn Yih

Lee Jiunn Yih

Co-Founder & E-Director

Term Sheet

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