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Thunderbolt Motorsports is committed to helping drivers manage their vehicles and believe that managing a vehicle is very easy. From luxury to economic cars, we provide all kinds of automobile accessory services which bring automobile maintenance to the next level.

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Thunderbolt Motorsports' vision is to become the only leading auto repair shop in Malaysia. We believe automobiles play a very important part in our daily lives. With more and more drivers finding it troublesome and time consuming to manage their vehicles in Malaysia, we wish to eradicate these issues by providing a one-stop service which is not only economic, but also luxurious for car owners.

What We Do

The Challenge

Thunderbolt Motorsport - Limited Global


Limited Global Value Chain

Many workshops in Malaysia will not import car accessories for rare car brand as there are not many users

Thunderbolt Motorsport - Time Consuming


Time Consuming

There is no one-stop workshop in Malaysia, and it is very time consuming to go to different workshop to repair specific part of their car

Thunderbolt Motorsport - Limited Warranty


Limited Warranty

The average warranty for import accessories is only around 6 months


Our Solution

Thunderbolt Motorsport - Product Sourcing


Products Sourcing from Overseas

We have our own channel of importing car accessories not only for economic car but also include luxury car

Thunderbolt Motorsport - One Stop Service


One Stop Service

We have all the expertise to make a one-stop workshop available and allow customer to fix every part of their car

Thunderbolt Motorsport - Extended Warranty


Extended Warranty

We provide warranty for up to 3 years

Why Are We Different

Thunderbolt Motorsport - Why Us


The unique part of Thunderbolt Motorsport is we operate daily from morning to evening except Sunday only open for morning session. We also provide full inspection and reconditioning of your vehicles without any extra charges. Customer will only need to part what they see.

Why Us?

  1. Professional Standards
    Our auto repair shop is capable of servicing a variety of models.

  2. High Quality
    You will always satisfy with quality of our work.

  3. Competitive Pricing
    Every purchase made is worth your money.

Our Revenue Model

Thunderbolt Motorsport - Revenue model


Thunderbolt Motorsport provides per-order services where customer can pre-order the automobile accessories. Our per-order services cover almost all brand of car available in Malaysia. After 2-5 days whereby the accessories arrived, we will make arrangement with our customer to walk-in for services. With this business model, we reduce waste not only save customer times but also minimize the storage cost.

Our Market Opportunity

Thunderbolt Motorsport - Market Opportunity


Thunderbolt Motorsport - Target Audience

Our Strategy

Our strategy in conquering the market mainly consist of four parts:


Thunderbolt Motorsport - Strategy

Our Achievements

Thunderbolt Motorsport - Achievement


Future Plan

We plan to operate 20 one-stop workshops across the whole Malaysia by 2022.

With the support of these 20 workshops, our yearly revenue is projected to have a 2272% increment to RM 100,000.00. We also plan to increase our Facebook followers to 2,000.

Indicative Usage of Funds

Thunderbolt Motorsport - Usage of Funds

The Team

Thunderbolt Motorsport - Zun Hui

Lee Zun Hui


Thunderbolt Motorsport - Thiam Yeow

Lim Thiam Yeow

Operation Manager

Term Sheet

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