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Wilstech is an award-winning IT Solutions provider with more than 20 years' combined IT experience and whose core focus is IT consultation and development of customized web and mobile applications for start-ups up to large corporations.

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Wilstech Sdn. Bhd. focuses on providing affordable and efficient IT business solutions especially web and e-commerce to individuals, SMEs and large corporations in Malaysia and Asian countries. We are dedicated and passionate IT professionals with more than 20 years combined experience offering integrated solutions and services. We have varied expertise and past project experience to assist and consult you transforming your business ideas into reality or improving current business operations. With focus on customer support and flexible service with robust technology support, we have received commendations and appreciation from our various clients. Many businesses reply on us as their preferred IT solutions provider for a variety of different industries. We always respond swiftly to technical difficulties with a professional and personal approach.

We leverage on our team's expertise and varied knowledge base to develop, procure and offer competitive and complete IT solutions and services to give our customers the competitive edge and grow or enhance their business. Solutions offered include a full range of development, services and IT applications as well as hardware supply.
We support a wide range of operating system platforms including Windows and Linux based platforms as well as hardware platforms from all major brands. We are committed to ensuring our clients make the right choice when it comes to their IT investments.
Wilstech provides customized application systems development and technical support to the business community at its core. The full range of product and services provided are as follows:

General IT Consultation and System/Applications Development:

  • General IT Consultation

  • Web Solutions Development 

  • System or Standalone Software Development 

  • Server/System Managed Services (Cloud based infrastructure management, workstation management...etc.)

  • Mobile Application Consultation

  • Mobile Application Development (IOS, Android)    

IT Hardware Consultation and Supply:

  • Server infrastructure, security and networking consultation

  • Workstation/Home hardware and software

  • Networking and security appliances

  • Server customization service

  • Sever setup and troubleshooting

With our Tech Partners we also provide various infrastructure and network solutions including:

  • Network and infrastructure design and deployment

  • Network security and optimisation including penetration testing

  • Server and storage solutions

  • Virtual Private Cloud solutions

  • Other customized solutions

What We Do

The Challenge

No Value Added

No Value Added. A vast majority of development parties do not offer any additional solutions or related services such as marketing, design or content development advice. 

High Manpower Cost

High Manpower Cost. A large majority of developers are on the other end of the scale and offer development services at a higher than normal cost as compared to others. 

Unreliable Consultation

Unreliable Consultation. Consultations provided by certain parties are not always accurate or will be biased to higher cost solutions which are not really required by the client. 

Unreliable Services

Unreliable services. Freelancers and other smaller software or platform developers offer cheap but often unreliable development services and this is a major concern for many SMEs.


Pandemic. Economic uncertainty and forced change of business trends due to Covid-19. SMEs require comprehensive and all-in-one solutions to survive together with hand-holding or consultation from experienced IT companies such as Wilstech.

Our Solution

Web Solution

Practical and innovative web solutions for start-ups, SMEs and even corporations.

Software & Mobile App

Custom software and applications for today's business needs.


Infrastructure, networking, office and home IT equipment.


We designed our powerful and intuitive suite of business solutions with one goal in mind.

Add-on Services

Copywriting, Corporate Profile, 3D Modelling Service, Penetration Testing.


We offer innovation in a trustworthy and value-added solution whereby we consult with the client from start to finish on the development of their application or solution. 

  • Practical and innovative web solutions for start-ups, SMEs and big corporations.
  • Customize software and applications for today's business needs.
  • Infrastructure, networking, office and home IT equipment.
  • Ready to use CRM, HR and Accounting Solutions from Deskera

We help our clients to:

  • Increase online presence/visibility through website or web applications
  • Increase sales through additional sales channels on e-commerce or social media
  • Streamline business or day to day operations through the use of internal business management software, either custom developed or off-the-shelf.
  • Enjoy value added and cost friendly web and mobile application development services with customer-care oriented personnel.
  • Peace of mind as we provide well-balanced maintenance services with 24 hours technical assistance and emergency response.

We assist SMEs affected by the pandemic with a host of ready business management solutions which can help them manage their business from anywhere at any time. These suites of software include easy-to-use mini ERP, CRM and HRMS solutions which can be accessed via mobile devices.

Why Are We Different



We provide full non-biased consultation to the client from idea conception up to development and publication of any application and beyond.



We keep development and running costs balanced and provide value added related services or assist the client on attaining such services should there be a need such as design, legal or other requirements.



We keep all project information strictly confidential unless otherwise specified by the client. 

Our Revenue Model

Primary Revenue:

  • Development of customized web and mobile applications

  • Design & Development of websites and e-commerce sites

Secondary Revenue: 

  • Sales and maintenance of Deskera suite of applications

  • IT Consultancy (Network, Security and others)

  • Other IT services and sales including IT equipment

Revenue Model


Our Market Opportunity

Malaysian Economy


Various government policies are enacted regularly to help the growth of SMEs in Malaysia and that is incredibly beneficial to us. For example the recent Digitalization Grant by MDEC. 

As indicated above, overall adoption of IT and ICT related services are still low in Malaysia. Our potential market covers a wide range of industries from services to retail market.

Our Primary Target:

  • 50% to 70% of SMEs in Malaysia

  • Various Industries

  • Both tech savvy and non tech savvy

  • Traditional businesses

Our Strategy

We have a healthy Facebook fan page and Instagram following. We build our brand recognition through social media, Google SEO, and of course with standard referrals. We have also been invited to give talks on other business platforms either in government sectors or the private sector. We work closely with various associations and NGOs to provide IT services and consultation to their member base. 

We acquire most of our new clients through social media engagement and marketing campaigns on Facebook, Google and Instagram. We are also involved in networking platforms such as High Flyer Asia, BNI, JCI and others. We offer referral program to our existing customers to introduce new clients. Other than this , we also offer free consultation in various other associations.

We offer a certain period of free maintenance to new customers who onboard with us. And from time to time, we consult or follow up with customer on their completed systems or applications that have been developed by to follow up on any enhancement requirements or upgrades needed based on current market trends. We also provide 24 hour technical support so that we can address any issues that they have with a minimum of delay. Customers can just contact us at any time when they face problem or need IT consultation. Free consultation is always what we provide.

Our Achievements

  • Emerging Young Entrepreneur of The Year in the Global Business Leadership Awards (GBLA) 2019 
  • Excellence in Software Development in the Malaysia Excellence Business Awards (MEBA) 2019 
  • Featured in ThePage publication 
  • Featured in WargaBiz publication
  • Featured in TheChamp
  • Featured in Top10 Malaysia
  • Featured in ShangHai商海


The champ


The champ


The champ


The champ


The champ


Indicative Usage of Funds

Usage Description Usage over next 3 years
Platform Development 35%
Platform Operations 5%
Technology Costs 15%
Sales and Marketing 25%
Education and Skill Enhancement 5%
General & Staffing Overheads 10%
Miscellaneous Costs & Contingency Fund 5%

The majority of funds are earmarked for development and marketing of a new e-learning platform including hosting and operations costs as well. 

The Team

Wilson Low

Wilson Low

Chief Executive Officer

Ernie Tan

Ernie Tan

Chief Operating Officer

Term Sheet

Risk Disclaimer

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