Direct access to high potential and fast-expanding ventures

Discover early-stage businesses and growing companies offering attractive terms of investment from various sectors

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Risk Management & Compliance

Benefit from an ecosystem built by communities of investors, businesses and partners that will help you with risk management and compliance of your investment portfolio

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Ease of Use

Browse through quality deals that are well-curated to fit your investment needs. Interact with businesses of your interest and track every step of the business growth.

Deal Flow 

An opportunity to access to a pool of diversified and exciting Malaysian businesses from a range of sectors as well as various stages of growth.

Partner Up & Help Grow

A shot at partnering up with game-changing businesses and share the future success of the companies you invest in.

Invest with Others

Invest alongside family, friends as well as seasoned investors and professionals. Leverage on the knowledge of the crowd to assess deals and diversify your investments.

Get in the Game Early

Be the first to invest in disruptive startups and innovative businesses offering lucrative returns.

Empower businesses with your investment decision

Back the businesses that shares your passion. Witness them grow and expand as you lend them your valuable support. Be more than just an investor, be a player.

Discover Deals

Browse from a collection of quality deals that interests you


Assess and make sound decisions to invest in preferred businesses

Partner Up

Partner with successful, sustainable and scaleable businesses

Investing to Holding Shares. Simplified

Signing up as a member of ATA PLUS is a click away from browsing business deals. Investing therefore is made easier with a greater engagement platform with businesses of your interest.


Sign Up & Break the Ice

Be a member for free and join the crowd. It's quick and easy and you are not obligated to invest.

Browse Deals

As a member you can view the range of deals in detail i.e. the idea, market, team, financial snapshot, and the shares offered in exchange for the investment. Pick the business you like and engage with the entrepreneurs through online discussion boards.

Access & Decide

Get insights and knowledge from ATA PLUS network of investors, analytics, industry reports and intelligence from a list of partners to make informed investment decisions.

Make Investment

Before you invest, you are required to take a short quiz to make sure you understand the risks of investing. Then, enter the amount that you wish to commit and make payment. Once the funding round is closed, we will sort out the paperwork and issue the share certificates.

Track & Monitor

You can track on the performance and what's happening in your investment portfolio companies on your online dashboard. You can also communicate with your investees.