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GPMB Global is a company that manages the warehousing and logistics of retail products to the wholesales and retail outlets of Mai Borong. Mai Borong is a distributor and retailer of Halal products in the food and beverage industry in Malaysia.

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Darul Ehsan City Farm Sdn Bhd

Darul Ehsan City Farm is an aquaculture company focusing on producing high quality Tilapias with a shorter harvest cycle. Its aquaponic ponds are located in Slim River, Perak equipped with high-tech pond management systems.

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Musang Valley Agro Sdn Bhd

Musang Valley Agro is a modern Malaysian agricultural company with over 20 years of experience in the agro- business and plantation industry. They aim to create a holistic agro-ecosystem specialising in exporting and trading durian trees

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